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months ago, I blogged about some BIG dreams. I threw some crazy ones out there like shooting a wedding in Italy, visiting Australia and last but not least… shooting a session Hawaii! Welp! Mark one of those items off the list!! I love how God works things out. I blogged about that and then one of our sweet friends from high school got in engaged! And guess where she lives…. HAWAII! Not only does she live in Hawaii, she lives on Oahu and was flying in the DAY we were going to be flying out! Despite the limited time frame, we made a shoot happen on the beautiful beaches of Lanikai!! Meagan and Erik look the part of a perfect beachy couple living the dream in Hawaii!

Blonde, tan and laid back. I know this because during their quick engagement session on the beach, we were cut short by a sudden rain storm! I mean, it was an immediate downpour! We were soaked!! Mascara was running and Michael tucked the camera bag under his shirt as we ran to Erik’s VW van to take cover!! As much as I would have loved to have kept shooting, I will never forget this! :) Thankfully these two were pros and we shot a ton of portraits VERY quickly before the heavens let loose!

We grew up in youth group with Meagan and I have always loved her. She was always the drama-free older girl on all of the mission trips and retreats that was so much fun to be around. We were really close in our teenage years and then we left for college. Meagan met Erik during her time in school over 6 years ago and I can’t believe this was our first time meeting him!! We love them together and as soon as we left to catch our flight, Michael and I both agreed that Erik was awesome. :) We’re so happy that Meagan has found the love of her life and is living the dream in Hawaii!! Enjoy some of my favorites from their gorgeous Hawaiian engagement shoot from last week!


Ohh this is a favorite! 

And that shot on the left?! I wish I had more canvas space in my office because this would look SO good in there! :)

Meagan you’re gorgeous! 



You can totally see the storm approaching but I kinda like it! :)

Doesn’t even look real… but I swear it is! 

Ha! I wanted them to do what they do normally! And this is evidently the norm for them! :)

Love this.

The storm just makes it more dramatic! Love! 

Last but not least….

xoxo, Katelyn
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