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I BARELY remember Momma and Daddy telling us that there was going to be a new baby in our family. The only thing I remember was that they told us on their bed one morning in our old house beside the church. I wish I remembered more but I was only 6 years old when you were born!! I was old enough to feel like I needed to look out for you but not quite old enough to remember all the details! However, I do remember a few fun things about being your big sister in the early years and so on your 22nd birthday, I’m going to try to list out 22 of my favorite memories/things I love about you! :

– I know this was painful for you but I vividly remember going upstairs to get you from your nap and you were screaming and holding on to the crib holding one leg up and I knew something was wrong. You had been chasing me and Emy around the house and landed funny on your leg and you had a hairline fracture! So that’s not the BEST memory but I definitely remember that day and your cute little blue cast!
– I remember you and Emy playing together ALL of the time when I was entering into the teenager years. You were playing in the dirt right when I was becoming a teenager and didn’t want to play “pretend” anymore…. but even though we were in different stages of life, I still looked out for you and ALWAYS chose your side over Emy’s because you’re the baby! (sorry Emy!)
– I love all of the “seasons” you have gone through…. excavators, PVC pipe and dirt piles, airplanes, 4wheelers, dirt bikes, motorcycles, RV’s… you’re just like daddy! You love anything with wheels or a motor!
– I love your Voice! I’ll never forget surprising Daddy with you when you sang in public for the first time at his anniversary service! We shocked everyone!!!
– I remember being so proud watching you finish your private pilot’s license and take your first solo flight!!!
– I’ll never forget being so worried leaving you in your dorm on your first day of college!!
– I remember giving you “my room” for one of your birthdays because I had gone to college!! Easiest Birthday present ever!!!
– Some of my FAVORITE memories will always be how much Michael loved hanging out with you when you were a little guy. Don’t get me wrong… he still loves hanging out with you!! But when you were about 4-6 years old, all Michael wanted to do at our house was have fun with you!!
– I’ll never forget when we all surprised you with a 4-wheeling trip one Christmas and you ran out of the room crying because you were so happy!!!!
– I loved coming to your golf tournaments even though I didn’t know what was going on! 😃
– I’ll never forget our first time really hanging out with Morgan at the state fair and just hoping that you two would hit it off…. only to find out weeks later that you two had been texting and none of us knew!!!
– I love how much you care for people. You’re like me and sometimes your “caring” side can turn into “worrying” but I appreciate that about you because I’m JUST like you!!!
– I admire how well you’ve done in college! You have amazing grades and yet you’ve been through so many transitions and most people wouldn’t have stuck it out but you have!! You’re almost DONE!!!
– I admire your ability to DREAM BIG and think long-term!
– I’ll never forget you singing at the Jamboree and everyone SCREAMING because you sounded so good!!! I was so proud!!!
– I have loved all of our family dinners at multiple mexican restaurants over the years. We’ve all probably gained ten pounds because of your chips, salsa and chicken fried rice addiction!!
– I love how you love being with Daddy. Your relationship with him is so special and I love seeing how God knew what he was doing when he gave daddy a little guy in the family 22 years ago. 😃
– I’ll never get tired of all of your “House Plan” drawings!!
– I love that you’re so proactive with things like school, work, internships, etc. That quality is going to serve you well for the rest of your life!!
– I love how you love your sisters. Thank you for allowing us to share in your life with you! I’m so thankful you call and include us through big decisions and transitions… even though I get mad when Emy hears stuff before me!!!!
– I love how you know how to do everything Daddy does! I believe you can fix anything! You are a mechanic after all!!! 😃 One of your many skills!
– I love your sense of humor. It’s gotten even better as you’ve gotten older and have come out of your shell!!!

You’re one amazing guy, Buddy. I love you and I’m so proud of you for so many reasons. You know there is a reason why so many people say that you’re just the greatest. People don’t just say that for fun or to butter you up…. they say that because they mean it. I feel like people say that about people who they see Jesus in naturally. The way you care about people, serve people and love people says a lot about your heart and I’m so proud of you. You have ONE year to go and then you’re FREE of papers, group projects and tests!! You’ll be free to go and do whatever God has for you and I can’t wait to see what that is!!

I love ya Buddy… Happy 22nd Birthday!! We can’t wait to celebrate with you Friday!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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