And We're Off to Hawaii

  • It's Katelyn's Birthday!

We have had so many emails asking why Michael does not blog more! Well today is the day! I’m filling in for a quick guest blog post. This is Michael, Katelyn’s husband, and I am blogging today because it is a very special day. Today is Katelyn’s 26th Birthday!!! Katelyn, it has been so exciting to watch you grow into the woman you are today. I can remember the “Katelyn’s Krafts” days when we all thought you were going to paint plates the rest of your life! (Thank goodness that wasn’t the case.) I can also remember this time last year when we were about to take the first steps of becoming a husband and wife team.

It’s crazy how fast this year flew by and it has been amazing.  I love this season of life and that we get to do this together. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate your birthday and an amazing 2013 wedding season than to take you to Hawaii! Happy Birthday!

We are going to be off the grid this week on the north shore of Oahu with some great friends of ours! We can’t wait! If any of you have some favorite dinner places or sights we should see, be sure to share them in the comment section.


xoxo, Katelyn
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