Happy Birthday Jessie!

  • Happy Birthday Jessie!

Many of you know my good friend and fellow photographer Jessie Smith. I talk about her all the time because when it comes to photography stuff, she’s my go-to girl! She’s the whole reason I got into this crazy industry and today is her birthday! So a fun group of us went out tonight to Cheeseburger in Paradise and we had a blast!  Nothing beats mini-cheeseburgers and a night out with friends! So enjoy a little snapshot of her birthday!


Jess! I love you to death! Thank you for being an incredible friend who gives selflessly and loves deeply! I cherish you and I can’t wait for VEGAS! Happy Birthday!

Alison and Manny, love them!

Catherine and Nate! I told you guys there was a good one!!

Lori is going to hate me for this… but gosh she’s so darn cute!

I made the blog! All thanks to Michael:)

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