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I told Zane and Lauren that their engagement shoot was perfectly timed because I’ve been aching to do a shoot recently! That’s the beauty of the off-season! I take a break for a while and then I’m refreshed and ready to start rocking and rolling all over again! The best part about this shoot in particular was that is was at Fort Monroe! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE colonial columns and the cobblestone streets of Richmond but it was so much fun to shoot something NEW, something urban and something out of the ordinary!

When we arrived, we were greeted by Zane, Lauren, Lauren’s mom and Tiger Lily…. the cutest soft haired yorkie around! We had the perfect day to shoot and we were especially thankful for the sunshine since their original engagement shoot date was rained out! We walked around the old battery of Fort Monroe and it didn’t take long to realize that if you give Michael and Zane just a few minutes of freedom, you would lose them! Lauren went to the car to change really quick and I turned around and the boys were exploring! The battery is so interesting. It’s old and dilapidated but there is something about it that is beautiful and intriguing!

After just a few shots of Zane and Lauren, I knew that their shoot was going to be a breeze and it was. We walked around and chatted about the wedding (which is coming up SO soon!!) and all that they have planned! I can’t wait to see it come together. I also can’t wait to photograph Lauren as a bride. She’s going to be stunning!!! Hanging out with these two made us so excited for this new 2015 Wedding season and it was a reminder of how blessed we are to work with such amazing couples! Enjoy getting to know Zane and Lauren…. and Tiger Lily! :):)

Oh Lauren!! You’re perfect!

And your ring is perfect as well!

I just love this tunnel!

And this three story historic home isn’t too shabby either!

A favorite!

Love this little pup!

Ha! We almost got it! :)

Can we all agree that Lauren’s outfit was PERFECT for the color tones of the location?!

 Love this sweet shot.


We found this tall grass because we were snooping around where we weren’t supposed to be… sometimes it’s worth it to by snoopy! This would be one of those occasions!

Aw I love this!

xoxo, Katelyn
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