A Country Senior Shoot

  • Meet Abby

several people in my life that are always so much fun to be around! They are the type of people that make boring things entertaining, the people who can make sad moments less sad and the people who make exciting things 10X more exciting!!!!! Abby is one of those people. Her smile, her laugh and her sense of humor makes her so much fun to hangout with! Her whole family is that way! We love the Jones’!! We love them so much that we decided to build a house RIGHT next door to them!

Just kidding…. kinda. They really are our neighbors!! We love them and it’s fun to have a familiar faces in the cul-de-sac! We haven’t been home much these last few months but I’m thankful that we had an afternoon to hangout with Abby and take these portraits. I can’t believe she’s heading to Tech next year. She’s going to love it there!! We’re so excited for her and all that God has planned for her life!! Enjoy some of my favorites!

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