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  • A Country Senior Shoot

There are some people in this world that just always have a smile on their face. Danielle is one of those people! Michael and I first met Danielle when she was still in middle school!! We have lived in Richmond for almost 5 years now and it’s crazy to think that the once “little” kids are now getting into their dream schools and heading to college! Danielle was accepted to UVA recently and that is QUITE an accomplishment!! Our schools around here are incredibly competitive and she made the cut!

I couldn’t be more excited for her and her next life adventure into the world of higher education! My time at college was one of my favorite seasons of life!! There’s something so wonderful about living life on your own for the first time but still having the comfort of home to come back to!

Danielle, I wish you the BEST with the rest of your senior year! You bring such light and joy to those who are around you and I love that you’ll laugh at anything!! :) You wrote me the sweetest note during a mission trip one year and I STILL have it because it meant so much to me. You have a beautiful heart and I’m so thankful that I could be a part of your senior year experience by taking your portraits!! I had a blast! (And thank you Margeaux for tagging along for comic relief, bag holding and pure entertainment!) Love you both!!!! 

 These brick ruins?! Absolutely stunning! So glad we had a fun little spot to shoot even in the dead of winter! 

 Love this! 

 My favorite!

xoxo, Katelyn
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