• Girls Overnight to the Country

the simple things in life that are most enjoyable. We live in a part of town where life is FAST. Everything is fast paced. People call Shortpump a “Shopping Mecca”. We have this GINORMOUS mall and every restaurant known to man within a 5 miles radius of our house. During Christmas time, Broad street becomes a NIGHTMARE and the parking lots are a dangerous place to be.  So we decided a month ago that some girls from our youth group should have an overnight trip and we should get away from the craziness! So we took them to my parent’s home in the country!! We left last friday night and got away from the hustle and bustle of Shortpump.

It was wonderful! My parents are so incredibly hospitable and they welcomed this group of girls (that they had never met) into our house.  They’ve always been that way. When I was in college, I would ask if I could host a college Christmas party and they actually agreed to having 60+ college students running around their house!! We’re used to having large amounts of people fill up our home and that’s the way we like it.  Momma and Daddy have taught me to use whatever I’ve been given to be a blessing to others and so even though Michael and I don’t have a house that’s made for parties….. we still pack it full of people whenever we have to opportunity too.  So I knew that when I asked my parents if I could bring a random group of high school girls to the house for a giant sleepover, they wouldn’t hesitate to say ok.  The girls loved it and I loved being able to share that part of my life with them! They walked around and found old pictures of Michael and I from high school and we laughed at the fact that Michael had highlights in his hair! (Come on, it was the 90’s, it was cool!). This mini-trip was such a great escape from school and work and the busyness! We rode 4wheelers, played with Puddles, (my sister’s roommate’s kitten!) and ate some GREAT food. a HUGE thanks to Melissa and MA, two of our moms who came and helped out! I’m so thankful for you two!! So enjoy this little sneak peek of our time together and enjoy Puddles’ many photoshoots (poor cat).


We arrived and played Kinect while MA and Melissa made dinner. It was entertaining to say the least:)

Oh Katelyn why? Why can’t I just smile like a normal person?!

MEET PUDDLES!!!! This is my sister’s roommate’s cat. NOT OURS! But he came to stay the week with my sister and we got to enjoy/abuse his presence. We stuck him in a Christmas Tree and had a photoshoot… and the image on the right shows him falling through the branches. He survived, no worries.


gah!! LOVE HIM!

Awww Momma is gonna fuss at you for being on her piano!!

Model face.

The fun begins!!!

Oops. Hit a tree.

He says he doesn’t like cats…. but he does.

Craft time! Mel and MA found this cute idea to take a picture, slice it into pieces and then fill a clear ornament with strips of paper and the picture. It’s really neat! So we made ornaments with our group picture from the night before!

ohhh, yea. Another photoshoot with the cat!

OMG!!! And the cutest part is that he STAYED in the stocking and took a nap for an hour afterwards! We wore him out.

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