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It’s crazy how time flies by without you even realizing it!  It seems like yesterday that I was considering the idea of hosting a workshop. I thought about the pros and cons, how much work it would entail, could I REALLY teach anyone anything?! Was I ready to take on an adventure like this after only one year in business? Well it happened! The Basics workshop took place this past Saturday and we had a blast! I had 22 attendees who came from all over the state who were excited and ready to learn from me and each other. It was perfect! We talked about composition, lines, curves, back-lighting, shooting MANUALLY, and so much more! My hope is that everyone that attended left encouraged and ready to seriously improve their photography skills!

Our BEAUTIFUL model Megan did an amazing job and was oh so patient! We walked around the campus of CNU and practiced what we had just learned.  The weather was perfect and the light was glowy! I couldn’t have asked for more.

A HUGE thank you to Jessie Smith for snapping a few of me during the day and helping out! Here are a mixture of her shots and my shots of Megan!

Yea… I was pretty excited I guess.  I’m surprised I didn’t scare them all away!!

Working on changing up our WB indoors!

I don’t know what was so funny. Despite what it looks like, I definitely wasn’t laughing at you Megan! You did great!

Look at them! They’re so legit! Loved our practice shoot!

Megan, you’re adorable.

Probably a favorite!

Aw look at him! Love it. (photo credit: Mandy Rocamontes!)

Working on our lines!


Oh, no… this is my fav! Hands down!

Special special thanks Michael, my roommates and Jasmine* for the extra push to actually do this thing! It was a blast and there will hopefully be many more to come!

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