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mothers say that they wish they could just FREEZE time…. just stop it in its’ tracks! Their little one’s are changing what seems like every hour and they just want to savor that age before it slips away! Lara Casey instagrams her adorable baby girl DAILY because if this reason… and I love that. She instagrammed an image of her feet resting on the bed in the nursery and she explained that she wanted to remember that very moment… the baby was in the tub, her daddy was giving her a bath while on the phone with his dad and she was GRATEFUL for LIFE in that moment. She remembers moments through images and I LOVE that we’re living in an

age where freezing time is possible! Sure, we can’t slow down time but we can freeze moments and it has never been easier to do!!  Last night we were driving home from a bridal shoot and Michael tagged along with Bokeh. Bokeh experienced his first Dog Park adventure yesterday and it wore him OUT! So much so that he slept in my arms the whole ride home. His fluffy body was curled up tight against me and I just thought “I want to SAVE this moment!”.  I wish I could wrap it up in a little box and experience it again whenever I wanted! Well, the closest thing I have to that is a picture…. and if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I document EVERY single part of Bokeh’s life!! I feel ridiculous doing it but then I read Lara’s comment about REMEMBERING that moment and it I realized it’s not that crazy. I have taken pictures of Bokeh since the day we picked him up and I have NEVER looked at my “Bokeh” folder and thought “Gosh there are too many cute pics of him!!”….. even thought I’m sure some twitter followers may have thought that a time or two:).  So while some may think documenting his first dog park experience or first trip to college or first dip in the river is strange…. I think it’s WONDERFUL!!!


Just yesterday I found this image of Bokeh laying on Michael’s shoulder as we walked him around Petsmart for the first time. Did I look ridiculous taking a professional camera out of my PURSE and taking a picture of my PUPPY?!! YES. Definitely. But I don’t care… I look at this picture and I could care less. So photogs out there… whether you’re profesh or an avid instagrammer… keep taking those pics… keep freezing time and capturing memories because one day you’ll look back and LOVE that you’ve saved those moments! …. Especially if those moments include an adorable puppy. :) I’m so sad his puppy face is gone… he’s still adorable but gosh… THAT FACE!!!


Happy weekend! I’m off to shoot a wedding in SC tomorrow and another one in VA on Sunday. I’m crazy. Pray for my feet and my car!


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