It’s a new month and we JUST released a brand new episode of KJ ALL ACCESS!! This month our members are getting to watch me photograph two very different engagement sessions! One session was shot on a bright, sunny day but we were surprised by a raging river and almost no option for a shooting location! The second shoot was beautiful but we were extremely crunched for daylight because it was abnormally dark and overcast!!

Every shoot has its’ own challenges but when you have the tools you need to overcome them, you aren’t crippled in any situation! Overall, these shoots were amazing and while I loved showing our KJ ALL ACCESS members each shoot beginning to end, I’m only sharing three little snippets as a sneak peek today in order to honor those who have invested in being a member!!! Even though these are only three clips from the two engagement sessions, I hope you enjoy getting a free sneak peek into this month’s episode!!!

Photographers are calling KJ ALL ACCESS a VISUAL LEARNER’S DREAM!!!!! And we have to agree!

There is nothing else like this and it’s changing the way that photographers are learning to grow in their technical skill and their confidence on their wedding days and portrait sessions!!

Whether you’re a veteran and you need new inspiration for your next wedding or you’re a brand new photographer who wants a virtual second shooting experience, KJ ALL ACCESS episodes were made for you!!!!

Not only am I teaching you through watching me shoot behind the scenes, I’m also including (And this is BRAND NEW!!) an editing training video each month as well!! This means you can watch me EDIT some of the images that you actually watched me SHOOT!!! So fun!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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