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Any wedding photographer would agree that our situations and obstacles change at every single wedding day. No wedding day is alike and in all of the 300+ weddings that I have photographed, I have always been challenged in a new way! Whether it’s working with personalities that are different from mine or dealing with rain or a stressful timeline, I always find myself GROWING with each wedding that I photograph!!! That’s how it should be. The more work we do, the more we improve!! …. However….

After over 7 years of educating photographers, I have found that not EVERYONE grows and improves wedding to wedding. A few years ago, I started noticing that it was actually VERY common for photographers to leave their wedding days feeling defeated with their confidence crushed. Instead of overcoming obstacles, they were shut down by them.

This is a scary pattern.

I can’t imagine what it would feel like to leave my weddings and feeling like I didn’t make a step forward in my business!! It would feel like I was in a constant state of decline and that is far from motivating!!!

That’s why I’m excited to show you a FREE 8 MINUTE VIDEO from a wedding that I photographed recently. We help thousands of photographers grow and overcome obstacles each month by showing what real-life situations look like at our very own wedding days!! This month, we decided to share a sneak peek with you all!!

I’m sharing three quick and simple educational moments from Brandon and Jessica’s wedding day in the video below!! Enjoy!!!

Now, I realize this is only an 8 minute video! This only shows you a few brief moments of the wedding day. However, our KJ ALL ACCESS Members receive monthly episodes that include footage from the ENTIRE day! They see me fail, they see me succeed, they see me come up with ways to overcome obstacles, they watch me interact with clients and other vendors, they watch me find good light and they see me use all of my posing techniques in real-life situations!!!

Photographers are calling this a VISUAL LEARNER’S DREAM!!!!! And we have to agree!

There is nothing else like this and it’s changing the way that photographers are learning to grow in their technical skill and their confidence on their wedding days and at shoots!!

Whether you’re a veteran and you need new inspiration for your next wedding or you’re a brand new photographer who wants a virtual second shooting experience, KJ ALL ACCESS episodes were made for you!!!!

Not only am I teaching you through watching me shoot behind the scenes, I’m also including (And this is BRAND NEW!!) an editing training video each month as well!! This means you can watch me EDIT some of the images that you actually watched me SHOOT!!! So fun!!

You can join KJ ALL ACCESS HERE for only $29/mo!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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