This is such a fun month of KJ ALL ACCESS! Why?! Because when new members signup right now, they are receiving not only this month’s content (plus an editing training video!) but they are ALSO receiving LAST MONTH’S CONTENT and it’s the SAME COUPLE! Our members will get to see how we meet a couple during their engagement session, allow them to get comfortable, teach them the KJ Posing Evolution and then they will see how we execute their entire wedding day!!! 

Chris and Emma’s wedding day took place in the heart of DC. Like any busy, big-city wedding, there were some challenges with timing, travel, traffic and finding locations. We had some moments of being rushed and then some moments of really killing it… especially during portraits! 

Today I’m sharing just a few minutes of their wedding day that show just how powerful good lighting decisions can be! This snippet of the wedding day was right before we were getting ready to load up and drive to the ceremony. It was RUSHED. I didn’t really have time to be shooting extra portraits with the old vintage car, but I knew that this was probably going to be my only chance… and it was. I’m SO glad that I took the time to take these because I LOVE them and I never had another chance to shoot with the car later in the day. 

I set them up first in FRONT of the car and it was fine… but not amazing. (You’ll be able to see this in the clip of the episode!) Then I quickly took a few shots from the complete opposite angle and it was 100x BETTER!! Why? It’s all about the light (less harsh, more indirect, less facial shadowing) and background (less heavy elements and fewer distractions). 

I hope you enjoy this free clip and if you want to see these images SOOC and watch me edit them, join us for the FULL EPISODE and become a KJ ALL ACCESS MEMBER this month!!!! When you join now you’ll gain access to this full wedding AND their engagement session as a free gift!

KJ ALL ACCESS is a monthly membership that allows photographers to grow in a new and unique way! There is nothing like this in the online photography education world. New shoots, new weddings, new problems to solve, new creative ideas to apply, amazing new content to digest EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH…. all for less than what it costs a family of four to eat at Chick-fil-a!!!!!

Don’t know if it’s for you or if people really love it as much as I’m saying they do?! I get it…. it’s my thing. I created it! Of course I would think it’s great…. but I’m really not the only one who is loving KJ ALL ACCESS. There are over 3,000 photographers who love it too! Here are some thoughts from a few of them! :

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xoxo, Katelyn
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