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I have been making some changes in my life. I guess you can call them new years resolutions because these lifestyle changes all sound like changes people would make at the beginning of the new year. I didn’t really go into 2012 with a list of hardcore lifestyle adjustments…. I just knew something needed to be different. My time management needed to improve, my “systems” needed to be enhanced and my workout life needed to be resurrected!!! Seriously, just holding a heavy camera up once a week

and squatting for a good angle is not going to keep the muffin tops away!! As Jillian says (Jillian Michaels, we’re on a first name basis) “If you want it, you’ve got to WORK for it!”.  Yes, I’ve been introduced to the 30 day shred and I’m on day 6. The good news is that I don’t have to leave my house and it’s only 20 minutes…. the BAD news is that it’s 20 minutes of INTENSITY and I’m STILL not using my gym membership!  It’s ok though, at least I’m actually working out and I’m feeling motivated about it. Next week we’ll be adding “puppy” walking into the mix as well!! (AHHH!!!)


So another area of improvement is my time management and if this system keeps working well, I’ll blog about it in more detail one day. I’m basically writing out a timed schedule for each day right before I go to bed. I get SO much done late at night because I feel like I’m on a time crunch. So I have started “making up” my own time crunches and it seems to be working. Instead of having a huge “to do” list, I have a scheduled to-do list…… and I only have 10 mins to finish this blog post so I’ve got to run!!! But here’s to some 2012 life changes and enhancements! If you’re trying to change things up a bit and have found things that are really working in your life…. SHARE them! We all love learning from each other through the comment box! Oh and by the way, congratulations to Carolyn Counihan for winning a starbucks giftcard for her comment on this post!!! LOVED her Brand Booster ideas!!! So happy Thursday and oh yea, I forgot, here are some recent features!! Some are a big deal… some are not…..but I’m posting them anyway so that you can laugh with me!:)


Before I go, let me explain. about this second feature. Southern Living Weddings contacted me about a “feature” and since I had sent several weddings to them, I was SO excited!! Well, I’m not complaining at all… I actually think it’s quite amusing!…. The only image that made it into the magazine was a shot of Dan’s SHOES!!! ha!!! It’s a great story and also humbling! This magazine has not reached “coffee table status” but I’ll just keep submitting and we’ll see if it happens one day!:)   A huge thanks to The Knot for showing off Ryan and Annamarie’s beautiful DIY wedding day!!

And Thanks to Style Me Pretty Massachusetts for David and Debbie’s debut, The Southern Aisle for featuring Dan and Kelsey’s Wedding and Bow Ties & Bliss for featuring Andrew and Steph’s wedding!!

How he asked featured these two lovely couples!! And Washingtonian was kind enough to showcase Walter and Adrienne’s beautiful DC wedding!

A HUGE thanks to J&M for allowing me the privilege to guest blog for them last week! SO HONORED! AND House of Turquoise showed off my OFFICE?!! I LOVE THAT BLOG!! So honored! See Michael… all those trips to Pier One were worth it!

And right before I clicked submit, I got a tweet that Elizabeth Anne Designs featured my last workshop! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Last but not least, here are some PERSONAL features. I can’t tell you how excited I get to see our wedding featured! As a bride, I’m so PROUD of our wedding day. Not only the decor and the way it came together.. but I’m proud of our love story and HEART LOVE WEDDINGS told our story so well. It makes me melt just thinking about it! So a huge THANKS to them for allowing us to relive our wedding day one more time! Leave them some lovin!!

And this is really just a funny feature…..Thanks to The  for continually showing off 101010!

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