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Michael and I have been working on our budget. Don’t you want to come hangout with US?! We’re so much fun to be around… especially during “budget meetings”…. I’m kidding. That’s the LAST place I want to be. I’m horrible at holding onto receipts and every time I type some large quantity of numbers into the calculator I end up hitting ONE wrong number and have to start over!! It’s a painful process but it has to be done. Not only are we budgeting for our personal life but we’re also budgeting for the business as well. I’ve actually never budgeted expenses out for the business

until now and I’m so thankful that financially, I’ve SOMEHOW kept things organized over the last 4 years! It’s a miracle! We’re doing budgets right now because the past two weeks I have actually had some time to breathe and it’s been wonderful!!  But those breather days will be over shortly and we’ll be chugging through the final two and a 1/2 months of wedding season!!



If you’re in a place where you have a few days or weeks to get some “big to-do’s” crossed off your list and “Budgeting” is one of them, I highly recommend watching Zach and Jody’s Financial Series of Video posts on their blog! Super super helpful!! So happy Wednesday and I’m extremely thankful for these amazing editors who allowed my work to be featured! THANK YOU ALL!!!

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