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If you run a small business and have used Facebook for promotional and driving traffic to your blog, you have probably noticed a significant change in the last year. It’s not a positive change or a welcomed change by any means! We have a good amount of fans on Facebook and so until December, I never thought twice about our “Reach” and who was seeing our posts because life was still good for us in the Facebook realm. Thousands were seeing our updates… sometimes over 10,000! Pretty good right? Well, mid December, all of that changed… again. Facebook’s algorithms shifted again and they weren’t in our favor.

You see, Facebook has too much content. The average user has 1500+ posts that they are supposed to view each day and so Facebook has to curate the content. It’s not ideal but it makes sense that this would happen… and like any great business, they are handling it in a way that will make them money. So, we have 20,000+ fans… and on average, 15% of them see our posts… unless of course, we have a mini-viral moment and get hundreds of likes and a dozen shares. But lets be honest with ourselves…. it’s VERY rare for someone to consistently share content with viral capabilities on a day to day basis! So what do we do?! Well, I’m not an expert, but I have been researching and trying different things and we have found that there are several ways to enhance your reach on Facebook. We’ll actually be sharing 5 tips on this topic in our Newsletter that’s going out LATE tonight! If you signup (or have already signed up in the past), your newsletter and 5 Tips for Expanding Facebook Reach will be waiting in your inbox in the AM! You can read it with your morning coffee!!

For now, I’ll leave you with one tip… and this isn’t just for small business owners with a fanpage! This is for ANYONE who enjoys our works and other’s work on Facebook! If you ENJOY our images, our blog posts, our business advice, our house tours, our Bokeh boy…. this applies to you. You see, you “like” things on Facebook because you enjoy them! The issue is, there is a high likelihood that as we continue to grow and as Facebook continues to grow, you’ll hardly ever see our posts…. or any other page’s posts for that matter! Now, if you have a minimal number of friends and like a small number of pages, our visibility will increase. However, if you’re like me and have “liked” a ton of other pages, the content gets lost in the great abyss of Facebook!

So! How do we fix this?! I have one tip… MAKE SURE YOU ARE SET TO RECEIVE OUR NOTIFICATIONS! I love this feature about Facebook! Let me give you an example. I follow a ton of photographers and have liked dozens of fanpages… but there are several that I love and I’m personal friends with. I would really love to see what is happening in their life and in their business and so I went to their business page and clicked “Get Notifications” under the “Liked” tab! Wa-la!!! I’ll never miss anything that these friends post again!! See below: 

I just get a little notification when these select fanpages post new content and I love it. It’s like an RSS feed for fanpages and I highly encourage you all to select this option for your favorite pages!!! And hopefully we’re one of them:) Winkwink* Visit our page HERE! 

Business owners, encourage the fans you are reaching to do this! I wouldn’t spam them everyday with a reminder because remember, if you’re annoying with your posts, you’ll quickly lose fans that are getting your notifications! Any image, video or link that you post will send them a notification. If you “like” or “comment” on something on your own page, it will not cause a notification. This is what the notifications look like! (Love me some Natalie!:)  :

I hope this was helpful!! If it was, SHARE it on your business page!! Hint: People interact with things that HELP them… so it’s beneficial to not keep good info to yourself!! If you enjoyed this and you’re interested in more Facebook advice, signup and become a part of our Newsletter community!!! We’re almost 5,000 strong and we’d love for you to join the group!! Click the link below!

xoxo, Katelyn
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