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Pictures & Memories from 12-16 Months

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It feels like forever since I’ve blogged a family blog post like this! I am beyond proud of myself that I did monthly blog posts of Evy’s first year! I never planned on continuing that pattern past the one year mark simply because it was SO MUCH WORK but I did plan on sharing family photos every 3 months or so. Well, I got a little behind and it’s understandable given our life this year. 2018 was nothing like we thought it would be. We thought from January until now, we would be enjoying our final months as a family of three. Instead, we were trying to survive our very sad season with baby James. I still took photos with my “real camera” but I didn’t have the energy to edit them.

I remember pushing through the tired-ness and the exhaustion to snap a few pictures here and there of Evy during those hard months. I think I knew deep down that if I didn’t take any, it would make that season even harder on me in the long run. One of the things I enjoy most right now in this season is documenting our life. I work really hard to make sure that I’m enjoying my time with Evy but also capturing the parts that I want to remember forever. If I missed 4 months of portraits of her because of our hard season with James, it would have been understandable but I would have been sad about that…. and we’ve had enough sadness around here!!! So, I snapped photos here and there and my “to edit” folders started piling up. Thankfully, I recently got completely caught up and I have some favorites to show you from February to June!!!

Ps. If you’re wondering about how I organize personal family photos from Evy’s first year, you can read about that HERE! 

For Evy’s monthly blog post I would share some memories that I didn’t want to forget. Oh my. I don’t really know how to go back and remember everything from the past four months!! To be honest, the past four months have seemed like a blur but I’m going to try!

Memories from February to June – 2018

  • Once we found out about baby James, Michael and I went to NYC and saw some broadway shows. We took him to the lake in the dead of winter just so that we could be sure that he went there with us. We did what we could to feel like we were making the most out of our time with the baby we were going to lose and I’m so incredibly thankful that we did that… even though it felt so painful at the time.
  • Once the weather started getting warmer, the babies became OBSESSED with going outside! Our front porch has been used practically every day for baby entertainment!! Mimi will take both Micah and Evy (My sister and her family still live with us!) to the front porch to play with the hose! She’ll strip them down to their diapers and let them run through the water. They love filling up buckets with water and then dumping it out. This never gets old to them!
  • The babies LOVE the rocks that we have in our big vases on the front porch. We have large river rock in the vases to keep the bushes from falling over and the babies love grabbing them before we head out on walks! We have random river rocks all over our driveway because of this!
  • In March and April, the babies were obsessed with going to walk to see the horses! Evy had a fit for a while about not wanting to walk on GRASS!!! What a little diva! She would stand there and wave her arms with frustration and whine. Thank goodness she has now gotten over that and LOVES walking BAREFOOT in the grass!
  • Since the end of May, the babies have started going with one of us to water James’ weeping willow tree on the other side of our property. It’s a sweet walk and I hope we continue to walk them over there years from now and tell them about James’ life.
  • Evy is becoming more and more of a character! She’s hilarious and has so many facial expressions!! My favorite is her surprised face! Her eyebrows go up and her eyes get huge!!!
  • She loves pointing and saying “Oooooooooohh!!” to almost everything!
  • She started saying a ton of words around 13-14 months. She has said a few words since before her first birthday but recently, she’s learning new words almost every day!
  • Evy almost over-pronounciates her words and it’s so cute! She does that the most when she says “Bu-deeeeee” or “Miiiii-miii”
  • Her words sound like she SINGS them!!! “BIii-biii”, “Moooommmmmmaaaa”, “Daaaadaaaaa”!!!
  • She still loves to read and flip pages. Some times we go up to get her out of her crib and she just wants to sit there and have us hand her some books!
  • After losing James, we had to catch up on a lot of work that had been put off for three months. I shot 6 engagement sessions and 2 weddings. Then we headed to CA to see friends while also getting our KJ All Access content together each month. After CA Michael and I went on a 7 day cruise just the two of us and it was really nice. We missed Evy because we had never left her longer than 3-4 days!!

Gosh there is so much to share. So much has changed and so much has happened to us the last four months. God has been faithful despite our pain and scrolling through these pictures is proof that you CAN live and thrive even in the midst of tragedy. I’m so thankful for my beautiful Evy Girl. She can’t take James’ place but she sure can make a sad day better with her silliness, big personality, open mouth kisses and big hugs. :) Enjoy seeing our life in pictures. To view images from our season with James and to read his story, click HERE. 

Why did we get them both a car when they both are obsessed with the truck?! Baby jail was great while it lasted! This indoor “fence” was enough to keep them confined until about May and then it was over when Micah became strong enough to MOVE it!  Great Aunt Susan came to visit!
Evy with her Grammie and Great Grandma and Great Aunts!  Her first guitar lesson! This beautiful girl… I just love her so much! Waiting for the summer!!!! Easter!!!  Mad little bunny!! Those faces! She had just learned how to “wink”!!! Learning how to clean and kick things. haha They look thrilled! oh my gosh… what a ham! This was the quick trip to the lake where she got her first busted lip! Whoa baby….  That lunch box…. they both LOVE wearing it around their necks!  Cleaning with Mimi! Taking portraits of her has become… interesting. Their first bubble experience! His back rolls!!!! Tea time with Grammie!  This was going so well…. Brian did such a good job! Unfortunately, she threw up right after this!! And it was intense.  So we spent the rest of the afternoon resting with daddy and watching movies.  The sweetest cousins…. The rainy day that my family worked tirelessly to make sure the house looked great for James’ memorial service.  Even Micah did his part! We are calling these our “we survived” portraits. These were take 4 weeks after losing James. Oh this picture cracks me up! It looks like Micah gets no love but that is NOT the case!!!  Twinning!!! Learning how to draw from Grammie!  Father’s day gifts!  Joe and Emy are moving out soon!!!Noooo!! We have loved having them live with us! I’m going to miss them!!! But their beautiful new home is right now the road from us!  Matching tshirts again! Buddy’s 30th birthday weekend at the beach!

We stayed at Corey and Mooga’s cute new house!!!!  That FACE! 

Celebrating baby Powers! 

Whew! Maybe next time I won’t skip 4 months of sharing personal pictures!!! That was an incredibly long post!!

Thanks for reading!

— Katelyn

Samantha + Evan Private Estate, Backyard Wedding

I’m so excited to share this final 2020 Wedding with you all!! It’s a special one! We photographed this beautiful wedding day on our own 10 year anniversary! Ten years ago on this day, we were celebrating in my parent’s backyard under a massive white tent too! This was my brother-in-law’s baby sister’s wedding day and celebrating with the Malizia family was such a treat! They are a family MADE for weddings!


Well, I realize this isn’t normal for KJ! I don’t shoot portraits these days but this session was my first non-wedding shoot with my new Canon R6 and I’m obsessed with how these images turned out! It was the most perfect evening for this early fall shoot and the light was incredible!


Nick + Katherine | Maternity Oatlands Historic Home and Gardens Portrait Session


KJ Student Spotlight October 2020

I’m so excited to share another addition of Student Spotlights from our KJ Education community! It’s so funny to us, but quite often, we find that our friends who know us in everyday life but aren’t in our industry really have no clue what we do! They think we shoot 10 weddings a year and that’s the extent of our work these days but oh… that couldn’t be further from the truth!


Jesse + Hope | Engaged A Fan District Engagement Shoot

When we first decide if we’re a good fit with our potential KJ Couples, we’re looking for a few things…. one of those things is that this couple keeps joyful! We’ve found over the years that couples what take themselves super seriously aren’t always the best fit for us! We love it when couples let their guard down and allow us to get to know them during their engagement session.


For some photographers, bridal details seem like a fun part of the wedding day… but for many others, it’s stressful. It’s the part of the day that throws them off, makes them wonder if they’re actually artistic and leaves them feeling flustered and panicked because they never get everything done in the time they have allotted for detail shooting. In my opinion, this is a REALLY tough way to start a wedding day.


How To Photograph Bridal Details KJ Bridal Details Mini-Course

Ask Anything

Jonathan+Melanie Grand Ivory Wedding

Oh, this wedding day!! What a beautiful Texan dream! I met Melanie when she attended one of our workshops years ago in our home. She had the sweetest spirit and such a kindness about her. I remember loving how she made personal marketing her own and did headshots in a pile of Skinny Pop!! I loved her creativity and her ability to envision what she wanted in her brand.




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A wintery boston wedding

w/ inside, dark ceremony

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