• I Can't Wait To Be An Aunt!

God knew what he was doing when my little sister and her husband got pregnant two months before we did. You see, I’m the worrier in the family. I can worry about anything!! Emily isn’t a worrier and so it’s really been the perfect dynamic for us since she’s two months ahead of me. Every weird little thing that I’m experiencing, she has already been through. All of the freak-outs that I have about birth and being a mom and not being ready… she reassures me that I have nothing to worry about. Its really been such a blessing to have her blaze the trail of this new season for so many reasons and I’m thankful for that!

Last weekend we were up at Joe and Emily’s house so that we could attend a baby shower for them and little Micah. We were talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas, and that’s when I realized that this little boy is going to be here before we know it! We’re down to SINGLE DIGIT WEEKS left!!! When did that happen!? The past 8 months have truly flown by!!! In some ways it’s a little sad, because I have loved being pregnant with my sister. I’m sure we’re annoying to the rest of our families when we sit on the couch and make everyone do things for us. ha!! In all honesty though, this season is so special to me. It’s probably my favorite season that we’ve ever experienced as sisters. When Emy and Joe got married, I loved being a part of that season, but this season is different. There’s something so special about becoming a mom the same time as your sister and best friend that I can’t really explain.

The fun part is that even though we’re only going to be pregnant together for another two months, we’ll forever have kids that are the same age!! She’ll experience what raising a little boy is like, and I’ll experience what being a mom to a girl is like!! So when we have more in the future (God-willing) and we have the opposite sex, we can help each other out!!! (And send hand-me-downs!!! Yay!)

I’m excited to watch Joe and Emy become parents. It’s crazy to think that the next time we’ll be taking pictures of them will be when Micah is HERE!!!! Until that day comes, here are a few of my favorites from their mini-maternity session that we did during Corey and Morgan’s engagement session! When you have so many life events happening all at once, you have to kill two birds with one stone!! 😃

Hahah! This is us saying “Wait, uh how do we hold it?”

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xoxo, Katelyn
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