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Morris family!! When I was at CNU I had the privilege to meet the amazing Nate Morris and eventually become his neighbor! Nate is one of the most hard working and driven people I know. He gets ideas, becomes passionate about them and makes it happen.  He’s incredible.  You should probably bookmark this post and save it so in the future, when Nate Morris is president, you can say “I saw him on the blog!!!!!!”. If he’s not the president of United States… he’ll at least be the president of SOMETHING! He’s a natural leader and I’m so honored to call him my friend!

On Sunday afternoon we met at Belle Isle and had a quick family session. His family drove down from NOVA and he met us from CNU.  Richmond just happened to be right in the middle and that was perfect for me! We walked around the VERY BUSY Belle Isle and shot some family portraits for the Morris family that were evidently long overdue! I feel like almost every family is lacking in the “family portrait” department… including my own! (Momma, I promise we’ll get a family picture soon!). It’s pretty bad when you’re a photographer and your own family doesn’t have any current family portraits!


The good news is that the Morris’s now have a ton of portraits to remember this phase of life!! It was an honor to work with them and get to know their family! Nate! You’re the best gift giver EVER…. your momma is going to love you forever for planning this!! Enjoy my favorites!!!

Nate’s dad needed a portrait for work so wa-la! We accomplished multiple things in this quick session!!

Nate’s brother is the musical one of the family… so you never know when an album cover shot will be needed!:)

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