• Eddie + Lilian

…getting the email from Lilian when she found THE dress! HER dress! She said she had her “ah…. this is IT! moment in Tiffany’s bridal shop and found the dress of her dreams. Of course I made her send me a picture. I get so excited about the dresses! A bride’s dress really tells me what the whole day is going to be like! It never fails! For example, Lilian’s dress was BEAUTIFUL, classic, elegant and princess-like. Those four adjectives could be used to describe her whole wedding day as well! From the feathers in the bouquet to the custom made pearl necklace, Lilian had a wedding day that every girl dreams of.  Lilian informed me a few weeks ago that she and Eddie were definitely doing a First Look and I squealed

and did a happy dance at my desk because that is how AWESOME first looks are. It saves so much time and allows the bride and groom to have an intimate moment together before the big events of their day begin. Eddie and Lilian’s First Look was perfect. Eddie couldn’t believe how stunning she was and Lilian couldn’t stopped tearing up.  They both looked amazing.  We started their portraits and strolled the streets of Downtown Fredericksburg where it is IMPOSSIBLE to not find great portrait locations. I had it made.  My job was easy! After portraits we headed to St. George’s Episcopal church where their ceremony took place and Eddie and Lilian were SO relaxed…. probably more relaxed than I was! I remember mentioning “Ok lets find a couple more locations and then we better get back to the church so you’re not LATE for your own wedding!”….. Lilian casually looked at me and said… “oh take your time, they can’t start without us.”  Love it. Eddie and Lil, your day was BEAUTIFUL and I feel so honored to have been a part of it! Thank you for welcoming me into your life and allowing me to capture your celebration! I hope the honeymoon is AMAZING!!! Enjoy my favorites!

Ok, so I’ve been trying to work on my ring shots… because they aren’t my strongest area…. and I went a little overboard!… But hey! Who doesn’t love having a TON of ring shots?!

Florals were done by Lilian’s maid of honor!!

The most gorgeous window light for the most gorgeous gown!

This 4 leaf clover pin has been worn in weddings for many, many generations!

Loved the girl’s hairpieces!

Lets see just how many hands we can have lacing up Lilian’s dress at one time! ha! Lil had great help from her girls!

Lilian’s neutral color scheme made for some beautiful pictures!


Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous!

First look time! Woohoo!

And every girl deserves to have that reaction captured! Awesome.

That is one good looking bridal party!!!

Work it girls!

Ok, this isn’t on the blog because I think it’s one of my BEST… it’s on the blog becuase I took it through my SUNROOF while DRIVING…. Lesson Learned : Never drive behind Katelyn James when she’s shooting a wedding….it’s dangerous.

And now some MORE portraits… yessss.


Lilian, you’re beautiful!

Oh Hello evening sun! That light is powerful!

A ceremony moment that I loved:)

How cute is she?

There she is again… waiting to go to the reception!

Some fun details!

Lilian I love you for having a candy bar!!! My favorite! …. For photography purposes of course:):)

Mr. and Mrs.!!! Congrats!

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