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  • February 2016 | Behind the Scenes

I’m constantly amazed at how we seem to get the absolute BEST group of people together for our workshops!! After day two girls from Texas and VA were like besties and Bokeh had licked almost everyone in the face at least once! Personalities meshed and our attendees were quick to encourage and be patient when questions took a little longer than expected. The respect amongst this group of photographers blew me away. I always get nervous before workshops…. always.

I think it’s safe to say that I get more nervous about 16 people coming to a workshop than speaking in front of hundreds of people. Why? Because these people invested so much money into attending the Workshop Experience. They have high expectations …. as they should. I want them to feel loved… I want them to learn as much as I can cram into two days…. I want them to feel inspired and motivated. The pressure is on! However, every time I meet each new group, my nervousness always disappears. It’s like God knows I need sweet, kind and genuine people to attend workshops in order for me to be the best version of myself!! I’m so very grateful!

This workshop was a first for us in many ways. We never thought that we would host another workshop in our home (because we thought it was going to sell fast! womp womp!) I’m grateful that we’re in our home because there’s really nothing like being at home! Bokeh boy is there, my sister can down to help, Michael’s mom was there to keep things rolling and I just feel so much cozier being in my own living room! So what was different about this workshop? Well, since we can’t do that shoot in our front yard, we decided to do it at the incredible DOVER HALL!! Dover Hall is an epic mansion right down the road from us! Amanda Veronee and Ashlee Virginia Events were incredible and the shoot was just amazing!! …. But it wasn’t just amazing because of the details or the couple or the location, it was amazing because it RAINED.

So often, workshops are perfect. They are styled to perfection and it’s EASY. Shooting in the rain isn’t easy, or perfect, or ideal…. but it’s reality.  When it started to sprinkle, I thought to myself “NO! It’s workshop day!! It can’t rain!!!!”.  Just as that thought crossed my mind, an attendee said “Well, this is actually better… because I’m learning how you would handle a hard situation!”.  She was so right! Instead of watching me shoot an easy setup, these attendees watched me execute the Plan B that I didn’t have planned. :) We went inside and had my sister hold back the dark curtains and we made magic happen even though we weren’t outside!!

This was a different workshop for us because my sister came and we didn’t cater anything!! EVERYTHING was homemade and it was incredible!! Four meals for 20 people and snacks in between! Michael, Emy and Bobbi (and Julie!) made it happen!!! I’m so very thankful for them! I’m also thankful Amanda, Ashlee Virginia Events, Emily Hudspeth, Amber and Mitchell (and amazing models!!), Dover Hall, Paisley & Jade, Meant To Be Calligraphy, Sweets By E, Miss Merkle Design and Blush H Bridal!!

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HAHA! Emy was technically hidden in the background of all of these shots inside!

Such an amazing group!!! We love you all!

Here are some sneak peeks!! AH!!! I can’t wait to show you more!

Look at this good looking crew!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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