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sessions have come in all shapes and sized this year! I’ve worked with new, straight of out college photographers, experienced photographers, best friend teams, Students trying to start businesses while IN school and now a husband/wife team! Kristi started her business a little over a year ago and it’s exploding… in a good way! These are my favorite types of coaching sessions because I get to tell them how to keep moving forward without burning the candle on both ends! I feel equipped to help others with handling a growing business because

I experienced this struggle in college. I launched the business and great things were happening but I was so overwhelmed! I couldn’t keep up and I could barely maintain!! When you’re barely maintaining, you’re not growing…. you’re just spinning your wheels in the same spot and digging a deeper rut for yourself. The longer you spin, the harder it is to get out.  So I’m really thankful that Kristi and Matt decided to invest in a coaching session because I know that this business is going to continue to grow at a rapid pace and now they have some direction for where it’s headed!!


Kristi is SO lucky to have a husband that enjoys helping out whenever he can… and I can relate to that. Michael has been helping me out SO much recently and I really don’t know what I would without him!! So Matt came to the coaching session to take notes and allow Kristi to be free to chat and listen. Isn’t he the greatest?! Kristi is amazing too. Her work is beautiful and I’m SO excited to see what opportunities come her way this coming year!! She’s spunky and energetic and I can totally see why photography is a great fit for her!! It was such a privilege to spend the day with these two!! Here are a few of the shots for their headshot portion of the day!

SERIOUSLY?  How cute are they?! 

Showing off the 35mm lens and how much variety it adds to portraits!

Back to the 85mm

Kristi you’re so beautiful!!!!!!

Love this!

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