• David + Rochelle | Engaged | Part II

If you enjoyed David and Rochelle’s “Part I” …. you’re going to LOVE Part II! I don’t know if it was a combination of good light, great locations or a gorgeous couple, but something made this session spectacular! Instead of rambling, I’ll let you get to the pictures!


David and Rochelle, I cannot wait for June! Thanks for sharing  your love for each other with me and allowing me to capture it! Enjoy!

Look at those eyes!

Can’t go wrong with willow trees.


Oooooh. If I only had this one image from my 24mm, it would have been worth the investment! Love that lens!

Everything about this next one makes me happy!

Oh man! These last few are some of my favorites from the whole day! I almost didn’t ask them to sit down in the field because we had been shooting for SO LONG… but I’m so glad I did! It was worth it!

If you enjoyed these, leave a comment!! Next time you see this amazing couple, they’ll be husband and wife! Get excited!

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