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It’s always a little disappointing to do an engagement session for a couple and then not shoot their wedding. It’s a tease. I fall in love with them and by the end of the session I feel like they’re good friends and then I don’t get to see them again! How sad! Well, Daniel and Saralynn solved this problem and had me shoot their “Day After”session 2 days after their wedding! For those of you who have never heard of a “Day After” session, it’s basically a session where the bride and groom put their wedding attire back on and they have an awesome portrait session! There are soooo many reasons why this is an AMAZING idea!


1. No time restraints, we have all the time in the world to find awesome light and locations!


2. You don’t have to worry about messing up the dress!


3. You have 75% more portraits than if you just had your wedding day portraits.


4. If you can’t book me because of the date or the price, this solves both of those issues! For the price of a regular portrait session, you end up with gorgeous wedding pictures!


5. NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW! If Saralynn and Daniel decide to purchase a canvas of one of their fun water shots, no one will ever know that those weren’t from the actually wedding day when they are hanging up in their house!


It’s a win-win! I get to have free reign and go crazy with ideas and they get to relax and have super fun portraits to celebrate their new marriage! When Saralynn contacted me I was so excited. I was even more excited when she mentioned that she wanted to get in the water! Just WAIT until you see those shots! Saralynn and Daniel were married in Hampton, VA on May 30th and I’m sure their wedding was beautiful! I was so honored to capture their love and excitement a few days later! Enjoy!

Oh the light was wonderful!

Saralynn you’re absolutely beautiful!

You know I’m lovin’ that teal!!

oh man! Here we go!

“Ah! We’re running through water in our gown and tux! We’re crazy but we have awesome pictures!”

Saralynn didn’t hesitate when I asked her to put her hair in the sand. What a dream!

Um…. do these come in teal? Because I need some.

Oh I love it! Saralynn, you’re stunning!

Classic beach shot. Everyone needs one.

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