A Countryside Senior Shoot

  • Meet Hannah

have to explain why I’m posting some senior shoots. For those of you that have followed us for a while, you know why I randomly shoot these sessions. However, if you’re new to the blog, I should explain some of our back story! Michael was a high school youth pastor for almost 3 years. We absolutely loved that season of life and during those years as youth leaders, we met so many incredible kids! It’s hard to believe but this year’s seniors were the BABIES when we first arrived at Gayton Baptist! It’s so crazy to photograph them and see young women and not little 8th graders!!

Hannah was one of those 8th graders that we met when we first arrived. She still has the same sweet smile and personality but she looks SO much older these days!! She’ll be heading off to college at this time next year and we couldn’t be more excited for her!! That’s such a FUN season of life! Michael and I recently saw the president of our alma mater, who we love dearly, and it reminded me of how incredible those college years were for us! I’m excited for all of these seniors to experience that!!! Hannah, girl you have so much to look forward to!! Enjoy senior year and enjoy your senior pictures!! woohoo!!

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