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Some people are just known for certain characteristics or features that they posses. It didn’t take long to realize that Lauren is known for her smile and her joyful spirit. Everywhere I turned, wether it was during the ceremony or overhearing conversations at the reception, everyone mentioned how Lauren’s joy and contagious smile!! That smile of hers went on for MILES this past Sunday! Morgan and Lauren have been waiting for this day for over 4 years and it was finally here! It was mother’s day and so the feeling of love and family was already in the air. I loved seeing SO many friends and family walk up the countryside to the top of the hill where they were to be married. The line of guests stretched all the way to the tent and everyone was so excited to be there. The weather was amazing the location was the perfect setting for Morgan and Lauren to tie the knot!

… and oh did they tie the knot! Literally. They braided 3-strands of massive rope during the ceremony to symbolize that their marriage wasn’t just a covenant between the two of them, it was a convenant with God as well. It was a beautiful celebration and I know Lauren poured so much of her creative juices into this day and it showed! The relaxed, chill atmosphere of their reception was accompanied by the smell of Famous Dave’s country cookin!! Yum! Michael and I just loved being a part of this day! … and not just because of the great BBQ!! ha! We loved not only witnessing this amazing union but also documenting it as well. I have to admit, I was a wee bit nervous since Lauren is a photographer and she knows the ropes!! However, I quickly remembered that it’s easy to shoot beautiful images with you’re working with an amazing couple. :) Morgan and Lauren, I hope the honeymoon is awesome and I can’t wait for you to see your wedding day through my eyes!! Enjoy some of my favorites!!


New Favorite detail shot?! Maybe! 


Love these TEAL dresses!!

Ha! Getting out their extra energy:)

So pretty!

Married!!! YAY!!!

Love this!!

Michael’s Shot! Love it!

Lauren you’re so cute!! 

How awesome is THIS?!


Giant Marshmallow Exit?! So cool but I think they may have hurt a little bit! :)

 Venue | Private Family Farm
Florals | Blossom and Basket Florists
Catering | Famous Dave’s
Bridesmaids | Francesca’s Collection
xoxo, Katelyn
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