Tyler + Liz | Engaged

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west from Short Pump and immediately wished I lived in the country again. It’s just beautiful out there. The sun was golden and it was the PERFECT afternoon for an engagement shoot! You don’t normally have amazing 75 degree weather in March but we did last Thursday evening and I was loving it! As I came down their driveway, I saw the old barn, the fence and then the cutest country home at the bottom of the hill. I walked in,  gave Liz a hug (because we’ve been emailing for FOREVER and I feel like we’re besties) and then met Tyler. As we talked in the kitchen, Carrie Underwood was playing in the background and I immediately “got them”.

You know what I mean? Sometimes you meet new friends and you just get who they are instantly. I think I even mentioned something like “You guys are such a cute little country couple!!”… and they are. Their adorable house looks like pottery barn and southern living collided and it’s just beautiful. They spend their life together in the middle of the country and they couldn’t be happier…. but they will be happier… because in a few months they’ll be able to call each other husband and wife! They’re tying the knot in the fall and I can’t WAIT!! I knew I would love these two before we even met.  By just talking to Liz through email I could tell that this was the start of something wonderful and I was right. I loved our time together last week….dodging cow pies, fighting off weird cats and swatting away bees…. these two worked HARD! And it showed! I can’t wait to show you some favs! Enjoy these and have a fabulous tuesday!!  Ps. It may just be me…. but I think Liz even LOOKS like Carrie Underwood!!:):)


Work it GIRL….this was like the 3 shot we took, she’s just got it:) Love this. oh the light!
I seriously almost bought those wedges last week… of course they didn’t have my MASSIVE shoe size:( Niceeee LOVE these next two….thank you guys for fighting off the bees… it was worth it!This one is going in the “engagement favs” folder… love it.
another favorite… blingbling! Tyler… I’m impressed.Great thing to know: Dead trees make for beautiful portraits! who knew?!
Liz you’re gorgeous! yessssss CANVAS! So impressed with the model faces! Really, it’s not easy to do! beautiful.

Thanks for reading!

— Katelyn

Nikhil + Paige | Engaged A South Congress Engagement Session

This session is beautiful… if I do say so myself! It’s colorful, it’s vibrant, it’s full of joy and it’s also LONG! It’s a lengthy post because I just had so many favorites and I absolutely loved my time with these two last week! Paige, like a lot of our brides, is a photographer herself! She’s talented, full of life, energetic and creative. I felt the pressure to take this location that she knows well and make it look fresh and knew to her!! Nikhil is an audio engineer for Apple (which we think is fascinating!) and despite hardly ever wearing a suit, he wore one for Paige and made all of her outfit dreams come true!


I’m so excited to share this final 2020 Wedding with you all!! It’s a special one! We photographed this beautiful wedding day on our own 10 year anniversary! Ten years ago on this day, we were celebrating in my parent’s backyard under a massive white tent too! This was my brother-in-law’s baby sister’s wedding day and celebrating with the Malizia family was such a treat! They are a family MADE for weddings!


Samantha + Evan Private Estate, Backyard Wedding


Nick + Katherine | Maternity Oatlands Historic Home and Gardens Portrait Session

Well, I realize this isn’t normal for KJ! I don’t shoot portraits these days but this session was my first non-wedding shoot with my new Canon R6 and I’m obsessed with how these images turned out! It was the most perfect evening for this early fall shoot and the light was incredible!


KJ Student Spotlight October 2020

I’m so excited to share another addition of Student Spotlights from our KJ Education community! It’s so funny to us, but quite often, we find that our friends who know us in everyday life but aren’t in our industry really have no clue what we do! They think we shoot 10 weddings a year and that’s the extent of our work these days but oh… that couldn’t be further from the truth!


When we first decide if we’re a good fit with our potential KJ Couples, we’re looking for a few things…. one of those things is that this couple keeps joyful! We’ve found over the years that couples what take themselves super seriously aren’t always the best fit for us! We love it when couples let their guard down and allow us to get to know them during their engagement session.


Jesse + Hope | Engaged A Fan District Engagement Shoot


How To Photograph Bridal Details KJ Bridal Details Mini-Course

For some photographers, bridal details seem like a fun part of the wedding day… but for many others, it’s stressful. It’s the part of the day that throws them off, makes them wonder if they’re actually artistic and leaves them feeling flustered and panicked because they never get everything done in the time they have allotted for detail shooting. In my opinion, this is a REALLY tough way to start a wedding day.

Ask Anything



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A wintery boston wedding

w/ inside, dark ceremony

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