• Surprise!! You can ALL be a part of this!

Wow. That’s about all that I can muster up right now. Maybe it’s because I’m exhausted, maybe it’s because I don’t have a voice left or maybe it’s because yesterday’s COME TOGETHER event absolutely BLEW US AWAY! We can’t believe the amount of energy and excitement that filled the room last night! Over 130 creatives came together to experience a once in a life time educational event with us and Jordan and Amy!

We don’t know if we’ll ever have the chance do this again but let me say this, the response that we are receiving this morning through instagram, emails and texts is overwhelming! …. In a good way! For many, this was their FIRST educational event to attend, EVER! For others, they say they learned more in 4 hours than they have learned in 4 conferences combined! We loved this event because it was a chance for SO many to experience a piece of both of our educational experiences in ONE NIGHT in the SAME PLACE! The excitement was contagious and the amount of hugs I gave in one night broke a new record I think!

So the EXCITING NEWS is that we have a SURPRISE for you! We received so many emails and messages about how much people wanted to come but they just couldn’t make it out here.  Some couldn’t come because of childcare… some couldn’t come because of the distance… and some couldn’t come because the timing just didn’t align with their schedules. For all of those that wished that they could have learned from us in those 4 hours last night, you won’t miss out! …. Like I said, we have a SURPRISE for you!!!!!!

WE RECORDED IT!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!

We didn’t just record it to get you a snippet of what it was like, we recorded the entirety of BOTH talks!! And they are going to be available for ANYONE and EVERYONE on Sunday evening via our newsletter and A&J’s newsletter!! You just have to be signed up for ONE and you’ll get the link to access COME TOGETHER LIVE sent right to your inbox! It’s important to signup for the newsletter because the FIRST 99 will be able to experience the COME TOGETHER event for only $99! Our email list is growing rapidly these days and so we aren’t sure how long those 99 spots will last so if you’re ready to get your socks knocked off, grab it as soon as you see it enter your inbox!! This purchase is affordable but the content is MASSIVE! We’re talking 2 TWO-HOUR TALKS! You’re going to need to block off a good chunk of time to watch these through!!

We’re so excited about this because it means that the amazing time that we had last night is now ACCESSIBLE FOR ALL!!!! So if you’re interested in this and you’re NOT on our newsletter list, be sure to SIGN UP HERE so that you don’t miss the $50 discount!!! (Ps. If you’re new to our list, you’ll be getting a free EBOOK as a “Welcome” gift when you signup!! Enjoy!)

If you’re a little unsure about what this is all about, all you need to do is view the COME TOGETHER HASHTAG and we’ll let the attendees do the talking! :) Reading through this hashtag just blows me away every time! So get excited and MARK YOUR CALENDARS for Sunday at 12pm EST when COME TOGETHER LIVE is released and the first 99 will receive the whole event for $99!

And last but not least, we have to thanks some people who were our saving grace!!! Michael really is the reason this whole event happened! He planned it all and we are so thankful for his administrative gifts!!!!! Bobbi (my mother-in-law), Annamarie (sweet friend of ours, past KJ Bride and incredible photog!!), Corey (my brother) and The Herrinton’s ALL made this a possibility and we’re beyond grateful for each one of them!!



xoxo, Katelyn
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