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  • Garden of the Gods Engagement Shoot | Colorado

We had their engagement session scheduled months ago, but both of our lives are crazy and we couldn’t find a time when we would both be in Richmond. So we did the next best thing . . . we flew out to Colorado for their shoot! It was a fast trip for us but it was well worth it!!! So many photographer friends of mine had recommended that we do the shoot at Garden of the Gods which is outside of Colorado Springs. As soon as we pulled up, I knew that they were right!

These rock formations are incredible!!!! There were two things that I wanted to accomplish during this trip! 1. I wanted to meet Evan and Grace, and get to know one another before their big day  2. I wanted to go home with images that showcased the epic-ness that Colorado is known for! This may not be Rocky Mountain National Park but it was pretty awesome!! One of my favorite things to shoot during portrait sessions are wide, mountainous landscape shots. Needless to say, this location was a dream!

Evan and Grace drove out from Denver to meet us there. We somehow realized right before they got there that we had multiple mutual friends. Suddenly the world seemed a lot smaller!! We talked about our random connections and then all hopped in our rental car and took a tour of the Garden of the Gods! Everything was going great until the winds kicked into high gear! Even in the midst of Grace’s hair attacking her face, she had an amazing attitude!! We headed to a lower elevation and eventually found our sweet spot with gorgeous views, great light, and no wind!!

We found out pretty quickly that the light disappears in a matter of minutes on overcast days in this area. We stopped taking pictures, but we could have stayed there and talked to these two for hours. We are so excited for their spring 2019 wedding back home in Virginia!! It really worked out incredibly well for us to travel out to them for this shoot! I had a chance to capture new landscapes, they have a part of Colorado captured during this season of their lives, and KJ ALL ACCESS students are in for a treat!!!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their session… and if you think “Wow Katelyn, you really took a lot of wide landscape shots!”…. I couldn’t help it! This place was made for epic horizontal images!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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    When lens did you use for your wide shoots? Everything is so gorgeous!

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