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I get a little ahead of myself. I woke up this morning with a list of christmas things to get done and then there was a “business” to-do list as well. One of those “Business” to-do’s was to blog Wedding Wednesday. But I wanted it to be a GOOD one. Well, it takes some work to make a GOOD Wedding Wednesday and you can’t do it halfway. So, what was once supposed to be a simple post, has turned into a entire styled shoot in my kitchen…. complete with a lighting setup and fresh flowers. I know, this is ridiculous. However, I enjoy this stuff.

We had a Christmas Party at our house for all the college kids that are home for break and we decided to serve Coke old fashioned bottles because that’s just fun! So we bought a case and during the party I randomly decided to tell everyone to save their bottle caps because you can always do something fun with a bottle cap right? Right. Well one thing led to another that led to another and today we have a full blown “Coca Cola Christmas” inspired tablescape. We’re having family over for Christmas Eve and I REALLY wish this display could last until then because I personally LOVE IT!! Michael is going to come home and wonder why the whole kitchen is in disarray but that’s ok. So enjoy this festive Wedding Wednesday and if you’re in VA, STAY DRY! It’s a nasty day out there today!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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