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idea a few months ago.  It consisted of helping photographers, hanging out with awesome people that love doing that I love to do and making new friends.  The idea of a “Coaching” session was born when I realized that I LOVE people and I love photography and this was a way to combine the two! So this past week I was able to host my first coaching session ever! …. and it was awesome! Coaching sessions, for those that missed this post, consist of two photographers coming together for 1/2 a day and just asking ANYTHING. Seriously, I’m an open book. We talked about editing, marketing, branding, shooting manually,

business management, lighting, LIFE and so much more. It’s amazing how fast 4 hours can fly by!! After the coaching portion of the day, we grab lunch and head out to get some head shots done! Because really, who doesn’t need new head shots? So here’s a little peak of my time with Arli and Annamarie! I’m excited for the next session in JUNE and I’m thankful that I have a chance to really sit down and get to know these amazing women!! Now if we can only figure out a way to keep Bokeh from licking, sniffing and barking during these coaching sessions, that would be amazing!:) He needs to go to puppy school!!!! **ps. The next set of coaching dates will be announced in August, the summer sessions are booked**

Arli you’re beautiful!! Loved this one!


oh girl!! This is a favorite for me!!


And it started pouring! haha Hide the cameras!!

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