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have read on my January Snapshot that I wanted to clean out the massive disaster that was my office closet. This closet has been the “oh just throw it in there” area since the day we moved in. Junk EVERYWHERE. Just opening the doors made me shutter. I couldn’t find anything, light stands were falling everywhere and there was trash… yes, TRASH stored in there! Old cardboard boxes and packaging bubble wrap were stuffed in the back corner and old files were jammed into folders. It was a MESS. One of my goals was to not only CLEAN this closet out and organize it

… but I wanted it to be CUTE too:) I’ve ALWAYS wanted a CRAFT CLOSET since I was in high school and so I finally have one! Thanks to Michael spending several hours putting together all of these shelves…. my makeover is complete! I texted a picture of it to my mom and she replied with “So this means you can come clean out all of your craft supplies in your closet at HOME? Right?!”  Ummm… that can be NEXT year’s goal:)  So this is a quick little closet makeover post! Who doesn’t love a good “before and after”?! So happy weekend to you all and I’m off to redo contract and pricing guides… doesn’t my life sound like so much FUN?!! Not today friends, not today.




xoxo, Katelyn
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