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almost one full month into 2014… annnd I still have things on my “New Year To-do list”! For example, I need to reorganize my hardrives… it just needs to be done. I need to clean off my desktop…. I need a new sample album. All of these little things are adding up and you know what?! This is supposed to be the SLOW season, right? Well, I’m slowly realizing that it will never truly slow down unless I shut my business down completely for a month…which may be a great idea next December! :) So I’m learning that if I want a “slow season”, I have to consciously make it slower.

For example, it snowed here yesterday and it seemed like the perfect day to go use our giftcards to the spa! So at lunch time, we stopped work and headed into town and it was AWESOME!! So random and so wonderful! That’s not something we could do during our busy season and so I’m learning to be very thankful for those moments!

So where was I? I was talking about the new year and goals because another item on my to-do for the new year is to blog about an amazing conference that is taking place in Raleigh on March 21st!! I have realized in the last two years that I really do enjoy speaking at workshops and conferences…I actually LOVE it and hope to do more of it in the next couple of years! However, there is something EXTRA special about this one… I’m speaking alongside two of my PAST BRIDES!!! What?!! It doesn’t get any better than that! We are going to have a BLAST! I don’t know if you follow Molly or Amanda but you should put that on your 2014 “to-do” list because I LOVE these girls to death! Molly is a social media guru, an awesome blogger and a momma to sweet Lily and Amanda is a talented wedding photographer and full time momma of *almost* two sweet girls!!

So why should you come to the CLIC CONFERENCE for the day?! Well, 1. There aren’t a ton of conferences offered on the east coast! I was so excited to see that this was going to be somewhat local for us! 2. This is an affordable, educational opportunity for anyone looking for a fresh start in 2014! What better way to begin wedding season than with an empowering business and marketing conference?! We are pumped!! And the BEST part is… I get to give two seats away!! YAY!! Each seat has a $375 value and so be sure to enter! The contest will run for a week! We’ll contact the 2 winners next Wednesday! We would love to see you there!!


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