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are some posts that I just don’t know where to start. This would be one of them! I remember laying in the bed at our cousin’s lake house with Paige and talking about all the things that teenage girls talk about. Driving, clothes, high school and of course….boys. I actually don’t have any “real” cousins… Paige is my second cousin once removed and so we refer to each other as our “Cousin Squared”…. once again, we came up with that when we were in our teens and at the time, it was hilarious to us. :) Anyway, I didn’t have any real cousins growing up but 12 years ago, we drove out to Chicago for Paige’s sister’s wedding and Paige and I just “clicked”.

We started writing each other letters and sending gifts on Christmas and birthdays. It was like we hit a certain age and immediately hit it off! It all started at Steph’s wedding…. and now, 12 years later, we realize that there is another awesome story from that wedding. You see, Ryan was in Paige’s sister’s bridal party! I actually met him years ago!

Paige went through high school and college and my family came to visit whenever we had a chance.  The older we became, the more we talked about weddings and who we would marry.  I remember thinking that Paige needed to find someone super amazing because she was so great. She’s beautiful, genuine, full of life and she can make anyone she comes into contact with feel like they are best friends! She needed to find someone with a personality just as wonderful as hers and to be honest, that’s hard to find.

Two summers ago, we drove out to another Reynolds wedding and that’s where our family met Ryan for the first time. We walked into the rehearsal dinner, only knowing a handful of people and that’s when Paige introduced us to Ryan. I think he talked to us the whole night and we were smitten. We loved him. And you KNOW he has to be something special when my 15 year old brother gets in the car after the dinner and says “I REALLY like that guy!”.   :) Paige had found her match. We left that trip knowing that we would be driving out one last time for another wedding…. and guess what, we are! In just a few short weeks, we’ll be making the trek out to Wisconsin to celebrate with these two amazing people and I cannot WAIT!! This past sunday I flew out to Chicago and shot their engagement session. It was beautiful and I just loved my time with these two!! Enjoy my many favorites and get excited to see more of these two in August!!!

Seriously, such pros. We shot these within 5 minutes of the session! 

Love it!

Love this too!!

Get it girl!! Paige used to model, no big deal:)

The light was amazing! 

Love this one

I don’t know how we found this little spot in the midst of Chicago but I’m so thankful we did!


Love it!

You guys are beautiful! 

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