• Change, Trust, and Easter

It’s hard to believe it’s already APRIL! …. and even harder to believe that it’s Easter Sunday!  It seems like last week that I was home, visiting the fam and posting about the Joy of Christmas! Time flies when you’re busy and trying to graduate!  I’m in such a weird place right now. My roommates and I are constantly talking about how we don’t know what to feel.  We’re soooo ready to be done but yet so sad to be leaving each other.  Last week I found myself packing up my room and then later tearing up with Steph as we laid in her bed, thinking about everything that is about to change. It’s hard.  Leaving college is not like graduating high school. The future is so unknown to all of us and while that is exciting, it’s intimidating and somewhat scary.  I’m leaving a period of my life behind that I absolutely LOVED and it’s hard to realize that we will NEVER experience this lifestyle again.


Through this transition, I’m learning more and more that I am so NOT in control… of anything. And the moment I feel like I am in control, something happens and I am immediately humbled.  It’s a constant battle to trust the Lord and not my own plans.  In my own little world, my plans seem so safe.  Unfortunately, my plans aren’t always the best and a lot of the time, they don’t match up with what the Lord has in store for me. This Easter, I have been reminded more than ever  that I have one responsibility in my life, to give up my plans and surrender them to the Lord.  It sounds so restricting but it’s just the opposite. When you realize that you’re giving up your plans to the one who designed the earth… you start to feel extremely confident because He knows what he’s doing.  It’s freeing!


So this Easter Sunday, remember that the Lord is faithful and sovereign and so so good.  He has amazing plans for you and there is a freedom that comes from surrendering to Him.  As much as that seems like an oxymoron, it’s true and I’ll realizing it more and more this Easter weekend.  So, enjoy your Sunday afternoon and REST! I’m actually going to do that too! Can you believe it?! No more work today! Just good food, family and friends! Happy Easter!

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