A Room Makeover

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a quick post, as I will be spending ALL day at Panera working on a lit review.  Ugh. I really, and I mean REALLYYY cannot wait to be done with theorists and research and school in general.  It’s going to be glorious!

So the beginning of the semester I did something I should have done a LONG time age! I rearranged my room/office.  That’s right, my office and my bedroom are the same place and have been since the start of Inspired Designs. If you are new to the blog, you must know that I am still a full time college student and that one day I WILL have a real studio-style office! It’s going to be amazing!! I’m already thinking of colors and new sample canvases to order! But for now I will be content with my newly arranged room at school.

I live in an off campus house with 5 of my closest girlfriends! It’s amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING. Not even a studio.  I’m trying to enjoy my last semester and still run the business. It’s quite a job but I think I can do it and having a fresh new space to work in has made it so much easier! (Fat Susan …my imac… has made it a lot easier too! I just love her:)

So here is the final product! Have I mentioned that I love TEAL?!

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