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and Brendan had a “man” day several weeks ago that included a trip to the golf course and lunch. When I thought they would be on their way home, I called Michael and he said that he was “running errands” with Brendan. This seemed somewhat odd and so I asked again “Wait, what are you doing?”. Michael replied slowly ….. “I’m running ERRRRANDS with BRENDANNNN…. think about it”. It hit me! They were diamond shopping! I quickly responded in a high pitch voice “OHHH ok! Have fun!”. Michael and I have secretly hoped for this day for quite some time. We remember talking and

praying with Brendan before he asked her out ALL the way in 2009!  Brendan and Michael led Young Life together in college and Brendan was my next door neighbor for most of college. Those were the days. College was so wonderful because we literally shared life everyday with our best friends. Brendan was always more than just a friend next door… he was always looking out for me, especially when Michael moved to North Carolina for a year.  I was known for leaving my car lights on or getting a flat tire…. and Brendan was always there to help. One day, I knew we would get a chance to return the favor.  I’m so honored that he asked us to be a part of this huge day.

Michael and I headed down to Newport News last Saturday on a mission. We needed to capture this proposal without ruining it!! So much pressure! Michael went incognito and stood guard to give me a heads up before they were approaching. I hid in a bush and stood as still as possible. One slight move would make a ton of noise in those leaves. Brendan and Jenna walked past and they actually walked in a different direction than I anticipated and I had to make a frantic decision to jump to the other side of the tree so that Jenna wouldn’t see me. Luckily, she didn’t notice the sound of crackling branches and  rustling leaves.  Brendan got down on one knee and I fired away.  Whew, just thinking about it makes me nervous! Luckily, Jenna didn’t notice me until after the ring was on and the question had been asked.

We celebrated with Brendan and Jenna at a friend’s house down the street and it made me think about our own proposal and engagement party. That’s SUCH a fun and exciting time! We cannot WAIT to watch these two become husband and wife. Brendan and Jenna, you know we absolutely adore you two! We couldn’t be happier for ya!!! Enjoy this engagement season! We love you so much!!

This is Michael’s way of being “under the radar”

Oops! I was spotted! 

Love these! 

It was cold but these were so worth it! 

Love it! 

Telling the friends!! 

Congrats you two!!

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