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  • Saying Goodbye

am heading out of town for a wedding tomorrow. I’m excited! I get to see my sister… one of my favorite people in the world! And I get to see my bestest friend Caroline! …. and I get to take pretty pictures and be in the mountains!!… And I get to travel and sing Adele the WHOLE way to Blacksburg!! ….. But all of that joy diminishes when I think about leaving little Bokeh. I feel so ridiculous. It’s a DOG Katelyn. You’re not leaving your newborn CHILD…. you’re leaving your new puppy… for less than 24 hours! It’s NOT that big of a deal……right? It’s not like I’m going to miss him growing up overnight…. it’s only one day!

I’ll admit, this feels weird. Of course I don’t like leaving Michael, but after having several destination weddings, we’ve gotten used to me traveling.  It’s different with Bokeh… he’s so new and fluffy and sweet and learning new things everyday… I feel like I might miss out on something!  So if you follow me of twitter or instagram or facebook and see you some pitiful “I miss my puppy” tweets or an abundance of puppy pics being shared between Michael and I… it’s because I’m attached. I’m VERY attached to this little guy and it’s only been a few days!  I’m such a GIRL!!!


Everyone, have a fantastic weekend and stay WARM and if you’re a puppy parent….. give him a big squeeze and enjoy your weekend together:):)


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