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PRECIOUS! I used to hear this all the time in college and think “Oh, it’s not THAT precious, if I run out of it, I’ll just stay up all night.”   Well, I quickly realized that this wasn’t a healthy perspective on life. My mother warned me about what would happen if I kept living that lifestyle! She was right. I think I had circles under my eyes in every picture of myself from junior and senior year of college!  It wasn’t healthy.  Time just seemed to slip away from me in then and I knew that had to change once I graduated and got married.  I needed structure and I also needed HELP with running my business.

Everything takes time and everything I was doing was necessary. I couldn’t cut back! So my only option was to figure out a way to do what I was doing FASTER. The biggest time-sucker was blogging. It took FOREVER. Especially on “Wedding” blog days! I used to take EVERY single image and pull it into photoshop and drag it over to a white frame and resize it and then add a logo. Then, I would click “save as” and save it in a “to be blogged” folder.  Ummmm, have you seen the amount of images I blog?!! This process was KILLING ME! It was miserable. So then I found out about something that CHANGED MY LIFE…. and that thing was BLOGSTOMP! Photographers and bloggers out there… if you’re not using this amazing tool… I’m about to rock your world! This program saves me HOURS of work and my blogging time has been cut in HALF!  This APP is $49…. that’s IT! And it will transform the way you think of blogging!


I’m sure you’re probably wondering “Ok Katelyn, explain what it DOES!”. Ok, I will!  Basically, no matter what your blog images look like, you can format your images to be “web ready” in a matter of seconds. Instead of resizing each individual image, you just simply drag your folder of images that you’re going to blog and then “Blogstomp” them! You select an image, or two, or FOUR and this app automatically resizes it to web dimensions and resolution AND frames it with your logo! If you don’t have a white frame around your images like I do, that’s ok. EVERYTHING about this program is customizable! You just have to add in your logo!  Once you click “Stomp”… that resized, framed, watermarked image is saved to a folder on your desktop and all you have to do is upload it! This is also GREAT for facebook resizing! So many people ask “How are your images so crisp on FB?” and the answer is BLOGSTOMP! Give it a try! Seriously, it’s only $49 and it’s going to CHANGE your life! Our time is SO very precious so why spend more time in Photoshop than you need to?!  and Ps. If you’re the type that has a system and doesn’t like to change the way you do things… I get you. I understand that….. but try this ANYWAY. You have to go out on a limb and try new things in order to grow and improve!!

Here’s another example of how you can be so creative with the way you’re blogging! So many times we are so rushed for time that we become unmotivated and we lose our creativity! Blogstomp is FUN! I look forward to this part of blogging and so it keeps me going and EXCITED to share images!

Not only can you adjust the amount of images that are paired together, you can also “Mix it up” and change the location of each image! It’s amazing!!! GAH!! How did I ever live without this?!!

Want to learn MORE about how I save time and run this crazy business? I’m an open book! I’d love to share and help you out! I’m hosting a workshop in March and I would LOVE to see you there!! Seats are still available for The Workshop Experience as of today!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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