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So! Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been blogging everyday this week. “Is she back to her old ways” you may ask? Well, yes! …. Kinda… but not really. You see, taking a break from blogging was one of the greatest things I could have done for myself personally and for my business. Sometimes when you’re “in” something too long, you lose track of what it really looks like to other people. I think I had definitely gotten to that place with my blog. Somedays I just blogged to “blog”…. and that’s never what I intended for of our online presence!

The break from blogging taught me several things.  I realized that I didn’t want to go back to blogging 5 days a week just because that was what I had always done and that was what people expected of me. Instead, I decided to create a list of things I wanted for my blog…. almost like a “mission statement” if you will. I want to clearly define the purpose of my blog and so here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Before anything else, this platform is a gift from God and I want to make sure I’m constantly letting Him use it however He wants! That’s the #1 takeaway from my break!
  2. One of the main purposes of my blog is to build community in the following areas:
    1. Build up a community of photographers through education & inspiration!
    2. Build a community for past, present and future KJ brides through bridal education posts and sharing their weddings and engagements! 
    3. Build a community for those that enjoy hosting and are inspired by home styling & decor! (more on this topic later)
  3. My posts should always do one of the following things: 
    1. Inspire
    2. Educate
    3. Share life enhancing content
    4. Entertain

So what can you expect from here on out?! There are several key things that I want our readers to know about our blog moving forward!! :

  1. You can expect anywhere from 3-5 posts per week! Yay!!! Consistency and content are the keys to having a successful blog. So, promising 3-5 posts a week allows me to blog all of my shoots and educational content during our busy spells but also allows me to take 2 days off as needed! Which is so freeing!!! YAY for running your own business and making executive decisions that give you part of your life back! :)
  2. You can expect to see a shift in our home decor / styling / inspiration posts. I LOVE sharing about my love for decorating. It’s my creative outlet outside of photography and I love it! However, we’ve been thinking a lot of how this passion of mine doesn’t stem just from the “pretty” aspect of decorating… there’s more to it than that! A lot more actually. So be on the lookout for a little shift in that area! 
  3. You can expect to hear from Michael more! At least once monthly!! He’s agreed to help me in the blogging work and I’m so thankful because I know he has so much that he could share! He’ll mainly be focusing on answering business questions, doing some second shooter education and sharing some about how we handle finances and are trying to be good stewards of what we’ve been given. 

So! Isn’t that all exciting?!! I feel like the blog has a renewed purpose and clear trajectory moving forward this year. There are several exciting things that we’ll be sharing in the next fews months in regards to our The Collection and our new approach to sharing about home decor, but for now, continue enjoying this shiny new blog and be on the lookout for some new features! We are actually STILL tweaking the blog and making sure old posts are loading and text isn’t cut off and so bare with us!! But eventually, we’ll have some shiny new features to share!! :) If you have something that you LOVE about our new blog and new look, let us know!! Comments are community builders!!!! We love hearing from you!!!

**Photo Credit: Angie McPherson**


xoxo, Katelyn
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