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It’s not uncommon for Michael to randomly say “Hey, I have a surprise for you today”. He does it all the time. Whether it’s dinner at a new place or tickets to a movie, he loves making it a surprise! I think he enjoys surprises because he’s the only one that can actually get away with them. I’m HORRIBLE at surprising people….. especially Michael. So when I received a call during my Chicago coaching session, I wasn’t too shocked. Michael called and all he said was “Sorry to interrupt but do I have permission to surprise you? It’s going to be over $200.”  I laughed, told him yes and then he said goodbye. I wondered what in the world

would he have felt comfortable picking out for me that was over $200!? He picked me up from the airport the next day and as soon as we drove into the driveway, he told me to go sit on the porch. A few seconds later he came around from the garage with a beautiful beach cruiser!! I squealed and then he came around the corner with his! I loved them! Our neighborhood is only 25% complete but when it’s done, there are going to be enough streets to make a great evening bike ride!! After oohing and ahhing over the bikes, I realized there was a basket on Michael’s…. “Is that for BOKEH?!” I said. And Michael just laughed. We had no idea how Bokeh boy would do in a basket on a BIKE but much to our surprise, he rides down the road like a champ!!! I put this video on instagram and I have to admit that I re-watch it all the time! :) He’s such a cutie!! So Michael, once again, pulled off a really sweet surprise that I had no idea about and I love it! I love the bikes but more than anything, I love having a husband that enjoys surprising me. :) Enjoy this little insta-vid of Bokeh the Bichpoo! And please disregard me laughing at him… I sound ridiculous! Ps. You can follow me on INSTAGRAM and see way too many pictures of Bokeh HERE!


Video from Katelyn James on Vimeo.

xoxo, Katelyn
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