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discovering that there is SO much around me that I have never discovered. That’s one of the many reasons I LOVE being in/near the Richmond, Virginia area! If you want to find cool, ancient and historic places to shoot, this is your city! It’s amazing. Not only is the city full of great locations, the outskirts of Richmond are full of old historic mansions and plantations! Some are open to the public and some are not. Before their shoot, Stacey sent me a link to Belmead Mansion and I realized it was only 30 minutes from me! What?! We drove into the depths of Powhatan county and found this awesome

old mansion that is currently under renovation! It was awesome!! I met Stacey through a coaching session!! That seems like forever ago! We also attend the same church! She mentioned during her coaching session that she was engaged… and I said “Ok! You just let me know!”… and she did!! A few months after her coaching session, I got the “We’re getting married & have a date!” email and I was so excited for them! Seth is just the sweetest guy. So “go with the flow” and chill. We were shooting in the midst of gnats and high winds last Wednesday evening and he never complained! I have such great grooms. They’ll take portraits as long as their bride wants to because they know it makes her happy. :) … and I love that.

Enjoy some of my favorites from this shoot!






























The light here was awesome!!

I was being “artsy” with this one below… not my normal style but I like it!



xoxo, Katelyn
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