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This is my favorite post of the year. Hands down! I laughed so hard I almost cried. These pictures are so unflattering in so many ways but because I love you guys, I’m going to forget how embarrassing they are and show them anyway! This year we photographed 31 weddings and we have one on New Years Eve and so I’m going to count that as a 2016 wedding!! This year has been amazing and as I look back through these BTS images, I laughed but I was also overcome with thankfulness.

The people that have come into our life this year have been the biggest blessing to us!!! I’m THRILLED to show you a side of our wedding season that you’ve never seen before!! Here are some patterns that you can expect to see in today’s post! :

– Michael yawning.

– Our double chins tend to make an appearance here and there and we’re just embracing them…. and hoping that instead of embarrassing ourselves, we’re just making ourselves more “relatable”. haha I mean, who doesn’t have a double chin here or there?!

– Michael hanging out with dogs.

– I can’t hide it… my knock-knees are very apparent and impossible to hide!

– Katelyn climbing on top of the car… in a dress…. but please note, I ALWAYS have shorts on underneath!

– Michael looking confused.

– Katelyn looking like she’s casting spells on her couples.

Enjoy these snippets of our real life and please don’t judge us. I SWEAR we’re professional!

The dog whisperer.

I really need a set of eyes on the back of my head… strictly for recessionals!

Josh Gooden doing his thing! We love Josh!!!

Wedding Collective Giveaway team in action! Mike looks so intense!

Haha! Well go right ahead gentlemen, nothing going on here!

“I’m hungry”………………….”wait”………………….. “No, I’m just tired.”

Knock knees…. white legs. yikes.

Yep, the sun is out.

Gosh, we love these two!

Awww, the Herrintons! Two of our favs!

The return of the veil fluffer!

The day the Michael’s were twinning but my Michael missed the memo that this was a “twinning” photo and kept his jacket on. womp womp.

“Juuust… uhhhh… just look that way!!!”…. I’m so weird.


I promise I had permission to be completely invading her personal space and no, this wasn’t a ruined first look!! :)

“Hey guys! Right here! The girl between the two cars with knock knees.They’re white as the concrete you can’t miss them. Look here!!!”

Annnd the OCF didn’t fire. great.

The yawn : Georgetown

“So, yea… I know you guys paid for like the best venue in Charlottesville but I’m just going to take portraits of you in the middle of the street. Ok? Ok.” :)

We carried precious cargo that day!

Yawn : Springfield Manor, Maryland.

Michael chatting it up with one of our favorite grandmas!

“Ok girls… just uhh… just hang tight while I ruin this flower bed and get a variety of plants stuck in my dress”

Aww Jenna! Jenna won a trip to VA to shoot with us and it was just the BEST day ever!!! We love her!!!! Move to the east coast!!! She took so many pics of us throughout the day!!

Michael and a puppy… and Jess! :)

“Think fast! test shot! bam! got ya!”

These two… always on a mission. They take the exit very seriously at Big Spring Farm!


One of my FAVORITE portrait locations at Big Spring Farm!!

Tyler working HARD in 100 degree heat for one of the best couples ever!

Me… getting WAY too excited about a first look!

Rusty! He lives at Big Spring Farm!!

Anna Burke to the rescue!!

My favorite BTS shot of the year!

Meet “blue eyes”… the groomsmen that didn’t forget that I promised him a picture during portraits earlier in the day. :)

Zane and Lauren… my husband doesn’t think you’re disgusting, this is just his “thinking face” ha!

Shooting at CNU! My second home!

Blog world… meet my second chin…. and enjoy the worst picture of me to date. Evidently I was more excited about his first look than HE was! Take it down a notch, Katelyn.

Pro sandal hooker right here! Hooker as in… I hooked the strap into the buckle.

Making forts… or just being overly dramatic with a detail shot? I vote both.

When you shoot with Joe Simon… you know your place on the wedding day. Ha!


Michael and the pup… DC Edition

So handsome… even when he’s sitting down on the job. :)

When MICHAEL can’t be the veil fluffer, Ty steps in!

Corbin is like “Yea whatever!” haha

Michael and the pup … freezing mountainside edition.

No one looks comfortable here. haha!

Michael and Zane exploring the fort!

For some reason this image just isn’t as magical as the first one. :)

Bokeh boy during a workshop. Want to keep a small pup in one place…. put them on a scary high stool. Poor little buddy.

“I’m coming in hot! Get outta the way!!”

Ha! Go Ty!

Light saber? Sword? … Umbrella. womp womp.

Oh the knock knees are in full force right here. yikes!

Go Katie go Katie go!

Sara and Michael are thinking hard about something!

If I was walking from my car in that parking lot, it wouldn’t be strange at ALL to find some girl squatting in the bushes with a camera.

Duck, Duck… GOOSE! How appropriate.. she just got engaged! :) YAY for another Dunn wedding!!!

Katelyn…. what were you thinking?

Just the sweetest dad!!

BEST story of the year! This guy taps me on my shoulder and says very loudly  ” Get a picture of me kissing Trevor!!!” and then proceeds to kiss MY husband. Definitely not the groom, sir. :)

That car…. best thing we ever bought together! We love the Toaster!

Look at that sweet moment of them together…… and that blurry man.

If you’re thinking to yourself “Katelyn is a lucky girl”… I know. :) I’ve thought he was cute since 7th grade…. when I wasn’t cute. Thank goodness my braces came off before high school!

Let me explain…  this was the weekend of the hurricane…. I can totally get away with the boots when a hurricane comes into town!


“What do you want?!”

Back in the bushes!

That time I ran beside a horse-drawn carriage with a massive camera in hand!

Lets take a moment just to look at this picture at a glance… I look like a GIANT!

We LOVE us some Pippin Hill!

I’m sure Linsey was thinking “Just trying to see my future husband… but please, Katelyn, take your time ” :)

Anyone see the reflector?? I’ll give you a hint… it’s not my white legs!

Was this post fun?! Then you’ll love 2013 and 2014’s Behind the Scenes!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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