• Baby Jack

an honor! First, I photographed Frank and Charity’s beautiful country wedding. Then I photographed Naomi (Charity’s sister) and her husband Joe in Downtown Fredericksburg and now I have photographed their first little one and man is he a cutie! I walked into the house and it was so quiet and warm.  Little Jack was trying to fall asleep and I started looking for basket locations! I don’t shoot newborn sessions very often because most of my time is spent with engaged couples. However, this was a nice change of scenery. Photographing a newborn is a totally different ballgame but luckily, Naomi and Joe had just finished remodeling their home

and we had beautiful light, furniture and shelves to work with!  Not to mention a beautiful baby too! Jack is precious. For the little amount of time that we got him to sleep, he was quite the model and I think we have some really adorable images. Watching Naomi hold her first baby was so so sweet and I love seeing this amazing family enter into this new stage of life! People tell me not to catch the “baby bug” and believe me….I’m a long way from wanting to start a family. I just want a puppy!!! (we’re trying to hold off on adding more responsibility into our life… be I’m already thinking of names and I know Michael secretly is too:)


So enjoy a few of my favorites of this beautiful baby boy! Naomi and Joe, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life once again! You have a beautiful family!!

Naomi I love your taste in light fixtures! Beautiful!…. and of course your baby is beautiful too! 

Showing a little leg!

Loved these! Teal bench… perfect.

So precious.

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