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It can’t believe it’s almost here…. AUSTRALIA is almost here!! What?! I just visited my grandparents and told them that I was teaching a workshop in Australia and their response was “Are you FLYING there?!”. Haha. Well I’m definitely not driving! :) They’re cute. What they were trying to figure out was “Are you actually going all the way to AUSTRALIA?!”…. and the answer is yes. The more I say it, the more surreal it feels. I don’t know which is more exciting… the fact that I’m going to Australia or the fact that I’m meeting new photographer friends and spending TWO DAYS with them Australia!

This workshop is going to be ah-mazing! I’m nervous (because I always get nervous!) but I’m SO EXCITED at the same time!!! We have a great group and only a couple of spots left (two to be exact!) so if you’re living down under and you’re a photographer interested in a two-day workshop, this may be for you! I can’t guarantee that we’ll be teaching another Australian workshop ANY time soon so if you’re interested, you can claim your spot today!!! CLICK HERE to register!

Now here is where we need some help!! We DO have some days to ourselves while we’re on the other side of the world… but not THAT many. So we want to use our time WISELY! So if you LIVE in Australia or have visited Sydney or Adelaide (and surrounding areas) we NEED YOUR HELP!! What do we HAVE to do?! What should we not worry about doing? Where should we EAT?! What should we be cautious of?! Best jetlag advice for this 23+ hour trip?! We’re counting on you guys! Help a sista’ out!! Ps. If you have Australian friends, share this with them! We don’t want to waste any time over there being newbies without a clue! :) So THANK YOU in advance for your help!! We love you for it!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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