And the winners are….

  • And the winners are....

Inspired Designs’ first ever “Valentine’s Day Contest” has officially ended and I am so happy to announce that my good friends Chris and Lisa have won with 1,091 votes! CRAZY! I cannot WAIT to see which image they choose for their canvas!Just to let all of you know much of an impact you can have, I am going to show you the blog stats from the day that the contest was in full swing! The link was shared 46 TIMES on FACEBOOK and take a look at how that impacted the blog!

Welcome to the world of Viral Marketing! I’ve said it a thousand times but you guys really run Inspired Designs! Look at what your sharing can do! The blog stats skyrocketed! With one simple click, Inspired Designs can be shared with a whole new audience! The FACEBOOK SHARE button is an incredible tool and so from now on, if you love what you see, SHARE IT! It makes a huge impact!!

So thanks a million to EVERYONE who participated and congratulations Chris and Lisa on your FREE CANVAS!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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