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a weekend! We’re still recuperating from our 1st double header of the season! Achy feet, thousands of images to cull and weekend emails to respond to. We’re tired but it’s such a GOOD tired! :) We absolutely loved our time with Darrell and Meredith on Saturday and then Josh and Katie on Sunday! I’ll be sharing Darrell and Meredith’s images tomorrow and I can’t wait! While Michael and I LOVE beautiful images, what we really care about are beautiful marriages.

It’s such a privilege to be a part of the beginning of our couple’s new lives together! We really believe that God has big plans for ALL marriages and so that’s why we’re PUMPED for The Amazing Life Together Marriage Webinar that’s taking place THIS FRIDAY!! Basically, several amazing couples have recorded their stories and will be sharing them online on Friday evening! The webinar is FREE but if you can’t make it on Friday, you can purchase the recording. The awesome news is that I have ONE RECORDING TO GIVEAWAY!!! YAY! So if you’re interested in having a copy of this awesome marriage webinar, just leave us a comment with your email address included AND click “LIKE” on the bottom of this post so that more people can hear this good stuff!!! We are so SO excited about this! Here’s a little preview!! Hope you can tune in Friday!! We’ll announce the winner on Thursday!:

Katelyn and Michael – Webinar Preview from Liz and Ryan on Vimeo.

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