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This post isn’t going to be crazy long because you’re going to have a task to do in about 3 minutes!! I recently spoke at the Rising Tide Summit and it was such a fun time! However, my topic wasn’t that EASY to hear. I encouraged over 400 creatives to give blogging a shot. So many people never give blogging a chance simply because they don’t think they have anything to share. They’re struggling from either a lack of blogging ideas or a lack of courage or BOTH. Let me encourage you with this…. YOU are quite possibly your greatest enemy… and you have control over YOU…. so lets make a change!

Instead of being bound by fear, lets try to FOCUS instead. Focus on what you have to offer your tribe, your community. There are people waiting for you to show up. There are people that LOVE your business and they LOVE what you stand for and yet you never give them ANYTHING to follow along with. I’m talking to you… the business owner with a blog that has been collecting dust for months and months. I’m talking to the person who thinks that it’s not worth it because only 40 people will check their blog each day. To the business owner who thinks that they have nothing to share because everything has already been said before…. you’re wrong. You are all wrong!! Your business has a purpose… your 40 people who faithfully follow you DESERVE to hear from you and maybe, just maybe your commitment to show up will eventually turn into the greatest marketing tool of your business.

Lets say that you read that and now you’re pumped up and ready to utilize the most affordable marketing tool a small business could have. You’re ready to start sharing on your blog! What do you write about? What do you SHARE? Obviously, you can share in the following categories:

Personal stories
Sharing current work
Educating your clients

But there is ONE topic that I think many people shy away from… and that’s…

Learning Out Loud.

Michael and I listen to several podcasts that most people would find boring but we really find intriguing and we heard this quote recently. This guy named Nathan Berry said that he adopted the concept of “Learning Outloud” and it transformed his audience. So many of you out there are constantly learning new things as you continue to grow your business. Why not share those things? Why not SHARE what you’re LEARNING as you continue to LEARN it?! Some of you would say, “Well, I don’t want to attract other photographers to my site and so that won’t work”. My response to that is “Why not? Why not attract photographers? People are PEOPLE!” I can promise you…. with 100% certainty….. that if you focus on HELPING others instead of just HIGHLIGHTING yourself, you WILL grow.

So what does this look like?! It looks like coming home from photographing a great wedding where you nailed the OCF shots and then doing a little blog post sharing why it finally clicked for you! Share the images that you’re in love with and share a few tips! You’re showcasing your work but more importantly, you’re providing valuable information for others AND you’re showing that you’re busy and business is booming. It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN.

So! Now that you have no excuse for not having blog ideas, lets get to it! Share about ANYTHING that you’re learning right now! It can be about business, life, shooting, lighting, etc. If you HELP others in any capacity, you will grow as well!!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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