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time of the year! SALES are everywhere!! Black friday is just around the corner and the Christmas shopping will commence at 5am for some people… the crazy people! haha I’ve only been out at 5am ONCE and I don’t recall it being a pleasant experience. Sure, we got a great deal but as I get older, I’m realizing that there has to be something AMAZING on sale in order for me to get up at 3am and stand in lines until 6am! There aren’t many products that I would do that for. However, if someone was to sell one of those new iMac’s for 50% off… I would stand in line for days! I’m loving them!!


They are SO thin and SO unbelievably COOL looking!! I don’t need a new computer but gosh, seeing those released makes me wish that I would “accidentally” blow up another harddrive! Just kidding…. kinda.  Well, when it comes to sales, I’m not one to offer things constantly. As a small business owner, I like to keep the sales part of my business SIMPLE. However, I’m making an exception today. I’m making an exception because I think that what I’m selling is incredibly valuable and timeless and every couple should have a keepsake like this! TODAY through FRIDAY, all Legacy album orders will be 30% off!!! However, there are only 10 discounts being offered and so if you’re interested, you can claim on of the discounts by shooting me an email:


Now, obviously these can’t be designed and printed by Christmas, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be given as gifts! Michael and I LOVE our album and after our wedding we invested in PARENT albums! (Best. gift. ever.).  I loved being able to give my parents an 8×8 album of my wedding day! I mean after all, they did PAY for everything so a parent’s album was just a small way to say “thank you” on more time.  So if you’re a client of mine… past or present…pre-wedding or post wedding… this offer is good until Friday at Midnight!! Here’s the breakdown of savings:


8×8 30page Album: $1000   On SALE: $700

10×10 30 page Album $1500  On SALE: $1050


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