• Alaska | Part 3

thing about vacation is that I take A LOT of pictures… a lot. And whenever there are a lot of pictures being taken, there are always some bloopers! I don’t know about you but I always love a few great bloopers!! The annoying thing is that a lot of the out-takes are of ME! There is good reason why I’m on the over side of the camera most of the time!! Today’s post is very humbling… and hilarious at the same time! As funny as the bloopers are, the true treasure of this post is at the very bottom! I attempted to throw together a few clips of our trip!

I’m no video editor… but I did combine a few clips that I had taken so that we could remember certain pieces of our trip and the best part is that I filmed a good chunk of our adventure being stuck on the Sound!! If you have ever wondered what Michael is like when he’s bored and hyper… you’re about to find out. Ha! I love that about him though… it’s safe to say that there’s never a dull moment in our household! :) Enjoy some embarrassing bloopers and a little highlight reel!!

That time Michael decided to awkwardly join in on Tyler and Katie’s picture. 

That time I told these two to pose chest-to-chest and there wasn’t enough space for their feet!!!


If you have ever wondered if Michael gets tired of taking pictures, yes… yes he does… and this is what happens when he reaches that point of the trip!

Andrew trying to duck out of the frame!

That time we set up a self timer on a guard rail!

That time Michael thought it would be fun to document me walking out of the woods…. we won’t mentioned why I was in the woods:)

That time I was told how to take a picture for some tourists! They were very concerned about the composition!

That time I had no idea Jessica was falling and not posing with me!

Michael knows how much I hate photo bombers!! Come on!!!

No idea what’s happening here!

Michael said something funny… and Katie couldn’t stand up straight! 

That time Andrew had my camera…

And I bit the dust… hard…. Jess’s face says it all!

Those rocks were slippery!!!!

My feet were soaked and yet I couldn’t get up because I was laughing so hard!

And then I walked into a tree. It wasn’t my best day.:)


Ok, don’t judge my video editing… this was thrown together and it’s jumpy…. but I love it! :) At the end you’ll find out what happens when people get stranded on a island for over 6+ hours. Boredom at its’ finest! New games were created, icebergs were named and all of it was filmed!

xoxo, Katelyn
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